Monday, October 11, 2010

In Cali, HaynMade style...

What's up peopz,

I'm in California, yet again, gotta love it up here, so much to see and check out.  I'll be posting my adventures here in true HaynMade fashion, with my mini Munny fig so you can see what's goin on while I'm up here.  I'm up here on vaca with my super good friends and their children I help take care and look after.

This morning I woke my bootay up at 5 in the morning and hit it over to the airport with my friend's daughter.  My suitcase was 2 pounds over, but aunty was the front desk was super cool about it.  What's more funny is that I my suitcase was 10 pounds over the limit before I left home, so I took out two of my jackets, a pair of shoes and a couple of my wardrobes and left it back in the 808.

I also flew to Cali with a huge bag of goodies for all of my friends there, so heavy that the bag tore up.  So I called my friend who lives nearby and she hooked me up with her Paul Frank bag, hahahahaha, friggen hilarious!

So check-in went good, and my friend's daughter bought me a hot chocolate from Starbucks, mmm.  And then my friend who hooked me up with her Paul Frank bag got me and my friend's daughter some egg McMuffins straight from Uncle Ronald himself, mmm.

So we get our seats and kick it on the plane.  And we're all good to go, me with my iPod, my friend's daughter with her PSX, Nintendo DS and iPod, ya, the girl is hooked up, lol.

So come time for our meal, we got our spinach frittata and blueberry muffin, friggen hilarious.  Thank goodness we had that McMuffin, lol...

Some 5 hours later, we landed safe and sound.  Right now I'm all chillen at the Sheraton 4 Point Hotel waiting for my friends and their son to arrive in from Florida, and then we'll be getting us some grub to eat.

Stay tuned for more scoopage!

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