Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 8, saying goodbye to a killer home...

So it was time,

For me to pack my ish up and say goodbye to a killer home.  It was kinda a bummer I had to go, I really enjoyed myself there and got a lot of r n r.  Much props to my friend's folks for allowing me to hang out there for a bit before heading up north to meet up with my Cali buddies.

So up north I went solo on yet another adventure, and before meeting up with one of my friend's and dropping off my friend's car at the airport, I took a drive to South Coast Plaza Mall.  The last time I went there was years ago, when Mossimo was super popular and had a store there, haha ya, that's the last time I've been there.

I did some minor damage, got a few deals on some Obey shirts, 2 for one action, you rarely find deals like that back in the 808.  But yup, yup, along the way, I stepped into the Sony store and got a taste of that new 3D television.  Pretty cool stuff, the 3D action is pretty good, I was super impressed with the depth of it with video games.  But dang, just one pair of those special glasses costs a nice $150.

Another store I got to check out was Puzzle Zoo.  There's a pretty good selection of Star Wars og figs and toys, that was pretty cool to check out, along with a pretty extensive array of Rubik's cube, that took me back to memory lane.

As I browsed through the store I also found a Michelle Valigura piece...

And a Scott Tolleson piece, pretty cool.

Got a few cool shots as I cruised through the mall, like this...

And this...

So after my shopping expedition, I dropped off my friend's folks car and then met up with my other friend, and booked it on over to yet my other friend's place, which is where I'll be staying for the remainder of my Cali adventure.  This friend's crib I'm staying at is hella cool, she let me hang there while she's on her trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines.  If I could I would snatch up her dressers, so friggen cool, she did them herself.

And on her bed, I cracked up, she has an Ugly Doll, my friend is hilarious.  She somehow has a pretty mean way of mixing up Hawaiian stuff with the Cali trendy scene, she rocks.

So all in all, another good day, and I'm just about ready to crash, so I'll be ready to jam on yet another adventure.

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