Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eday with my homies...

So on Eday I spent the day with my homies,

My good friends that I hang with especially during the holidays.  It was pretty chill for the most part, we hung around and ate to our heart's content (as usual, lol).  Later that afternoon, my friend's son had an Easter baseball game, so I went along to watch, and yup yup, snapped a few pics, good times.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Boogie on down HaynMade...

So one of the things I like doin is boogie'n on down,

I've always been into urban, r-n-b, street "culture" with art, music, dance and now figure collecting.  I've been street jammin' it since back in the day and I still do it now to have fun, have a temporary escape  from some of the pressures that come with my job and get one mean workout, lol.  But yup, yup, here's one of my fav routines that we did, try and see if you can spot where I am, it's not that difficult actually,  lol...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A day to lax a lil...

So today was a day to lax a lil,

After a crazy week of hospital visits, children watching and the prom.  So I chilled at my friend's folks' condo with my friend and her family and my niece.  It was pretty nice.  Being the uncle that I am, the kiddies wanted to go to the pool, so while they were swimming, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to snap some pics.

Strike a pose...

I've been at the condo a couple of times, but I didn't realize there's some killer art.  I spotted two murals, one entitled "Birth of Hawai'i."  This mural depicts the Hawaiian legend of how Maui the demigod pulled up the Hawaiian Islands with his magic fishhook.  I included two photos so you can see just how huge this mural is.

The other pic I took was of another mural entitled "Arrival of Kamehameha" which depicts King Kamehameha as the ruler of the Hawaiian Islands.

I also took this pic of the koi fish in the condo's Zen garden area...

And yup, good ole figure pics around the condo's premises...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

One crazy week...

It was one crazy week,

Along with the normal grind of work, later in the week my good friend (this is the one I traveled with earlier this year: got rushed to the emergency room because she wasn't feeling well.  So her husband (also my good friend) took her in to see what was going on.  In a nutshell, she had to get surgery done due to some internal inflammation.  That totally swept her off of her feet for the remainder of the week.

To make things a little more crazier, it was her daughter's senior prom.  Luckily my friend's mom was in town to help around with stuff, but she too couldn't do it all herself, so good old HaynMade stepped in to lend a hand.  I got into my "mode" where I made sure things were okay with the family and that all of the right questions were asked with medications, surgical procedures, etc.  I also helped with errands and drove people around and what not.  I was friggen pooped, lol.

Came Saturday morning, my niece and I booked it into town to pick up my friend's son at home and then we went to my friend's folks' condo to take some food that I got for my friend because she was coming home from the hospital.  In the meantime, my friend's mom took her granddaughter to get her face done n her hair dead for the prom.  So I watched the kiddies until my friend came home from the hospital with her husband and when she did, I hooked her up with some tea, sweetbread with peanut butter and guava jelly, popsicles and green tea.

So my friend's daughter then arrived with her grandmother and it was time for her to get ready for the prom.  She got her a orange dress, YES, points for originality!  So she was good to go so I was the designated chauffeur and photographer dropped her off with her date (who was in a black tux with white shirt and orange vest, sick!) and her buddies. 

At 1am my friend's mom and I went to grab my friend's daughter, and according to her, she had a killer time at the prom.  The theme for the prom was "The World is Ours" where everything from decor to food to entertainment had to do with travel.  I took some pics of her prom favor, which was hella sick in my opinion and her wristlet flower thingy that her date gave her.

When you snapped the lil suitcase open, there were "worldly" candies and stickers, 
isn't that super cool?

It's all about the orange...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DC represent...

What's up peopz,

If you have an inner dancer wantin' to dance your bootay off, then by all means stop over at DC.  Below's the schedule of classes, and a friendly reminder, your first class is free, so bring it on!  Hmm, I wonder who made this beautious flyer, lol.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm addicted to these goodies...

I'm addicted to these goodies,

I was first introduced to these mouth breaking spring rolls by my highschool buddy's wife's mom, I swear they are soo friggen good.  I've had my fair share of spring rolls from tons of different restaurants and parties, but these in particular are hands down the best. 
One day, my friend had a get together at his place, and his mother-in-law put a platter of these on the table.  She looked over and told me "Try these."  I quickly grabbed one and took a bite into it, omg, bomb diggity.  It was like my body had gone into a spring roll eating trance and kept eating one after the other.  I looked over to my friend's mother-in-law and said, "Is there crack or something in this, because these spring rolls are addicting!"  My friend and his wife were laughing their bootays off, lol.

If you've never had a spring roll, it's a beautiful tasty treat.  It's made up of a killer mixture of some kinda protein (chicken, pork and/or shrimp usually) and chopped up veggies.  The mixture is then wrapped up in a thinly rolled out flour-based sheet, rolled up and then fried to a crisp.  And then it's usually served with a sauce.  My friend's mother-in-law has a killer vinegarette, diced carrot, chili pepper, and patice (and I'm sure there's other goodies in it) sauce.  Oh man, orgasmic, lol.  So when I eat 'em, I like to wrap 'em in lettuce and somen (Japanese) noodles.  I swear it's heaven in your mouth!

But ya, my high school buddy and I are super good friends.  He got married to a wonderful person (cuz she keeps him in check) and eventually had children, and when they did, they gave me the honor of giving their two sons (and my godsons) their Hawaiian name, being the Hawaiian-speaking dude that I am.  It's a Hawaiian custom to throw a big party for a child's 1st birthday, so when the boys made one, my artsy side in me painted up these huge banners for each of them.

My friends were super grateful and wanted to pay me in cash for my work, I refused.  But what they did instead was pay me in spring rolls handmade by their mom.  Yessssss!  So to this day, when our schedules align and we meet up, they'll hook me up with these bad boys.

At our last get together (, my friend's wife handed over a bag to me, and I didn't look in the bag until I was on the highway driving home.  When I looked in the bag they surprised and gifted me with two ziploc bags of spring rolls.  Oh man, I was in friggen heaven!  Because I haven't had 'em in such a long time, I polished off 12 spring rolls in one crack, haha.  Everytime I get these goodies, I swear, I'm one happy camper.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good day for a great cause...

Today was a good day for a great cause,

I booked it on over into town to meet up with some high school classmates of mine to meet up, talk story and eat, and we did it all in the outdoor garden area at my friend's apartment.  (It's something we do once in a great while.)  It was pretty awesome.

It was a potluck shindig so I went to grab some fried noodles from good old Zippy's.  It was quite the adventure, before hitting up Zippy's I drove from place to place trying to find something to take for the potluck.  For one reason or  another nothing was working for me, either there was too many people waiting in line, restaurants that I thought were open were out of business or what they had to offer didn't sound appealing, so Zippy's it was.  Today was hella hot so I just had to hook myself up with an Icee, Pepsi and strawberry mix, yeaaah baby.

So I made it to my friend's place, and it was pretty cool.  We chilled in the garden area and looked at photos from our (much slimmer) high school days.  I also got to see my friend's crib, which he fixed up, pretty nice place I must say.  So when we booked it back down to the garden area, we met up with the gang.  I got to talk briefly with them and then I had to book it on out.  I wish I could've stayed longer, but that's what you get when you're Mr. Busybody.  It's all good, there will be more opportunities.  But ya, I got this killer shot in the garden area of my friend's place.

So after the shindig at my friend's place I drove over to grab my other friend and then we headed on over to the windward side.  Today there was a "I Heart Japan" fundraiser that took place, which was a Zumba, slash Kickboxing, slash Hip Hop two and a half booty workin' event, all for $10.  All of the proceeds went towards Japan and their very unfortunate situation that took place there.

At the "I Heart Japan" fundraiser, there was a (non-mandatory) dress code of wearing the colors red and/or white to kinda go with the theme of the event.  So I busted out my red Dickie's (oh yea baby) and threw on my "Aloha for Japan" shirt, so I was good to go.

So yup, there we were again, the "fly dancers" dancin' backup for my friend Mara.  (If many of you remember, we all did a very similar fundraiser a couple of weeks back.  The only difference was, the stages were more stable and I didn't have that fear of falling between the stages "tectonic plates" cracks.  But ya, all in all we did a pretty good set in front of 150+ peopz.

After the workout, my friend and I booked it on over to get some grub, cuz we were hella starving, lol.  So we headed on over to Kailua Town Pub & Grill.  I ordered me my French onion soup and a club sandwich, my friend got her a pastrami melt sandwich.  Man, that was some good stuff.

And what's a meal without dessert?  Haha.  (I know we burned calories for nothing, lol.)  So we headed on over to Coldstone to have some icecream.  I had me my typical order of coffee icecream with malted powder and Kit Kat, in a waffle bowl oh yea baby.  My friend jus' had her some coffee icecream.  I was one happy dude.

Upon leaving I snapped a couple more pics...

And then there's pic at a fountain nearby...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hope for Japan for $5...

What's up peopz,

 I know there's a bunch of you out there who are decal collectors or wouldn't mind dropping $5 for a good cause.  Well here's your opportunity.  Pictured below are these "Hope for Japan" bumper stickers and they're for sale, and may I remind you once more that they only cost $5.

Slap 'em on your ride, blackbook or as a decal-collecting keepsake.  100% of the sales will be going towards the "Aloha for Japan" campaign.  To top it off, a local company here in the 808 will be providing a dollar for dollar match for every bumper sticker sold, how's dem apples.  For more 411 on how you can get your hands on these bad boys email my good friend Shannon at  Much aloha...