Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hope for Japan for $5...

What's up peopz,

 I know there's a bunch of you out there who are decal collectors or wouldn't mind dropping $5 for a good cause.  Well here's your opportunity.  Pictured below are these "Hope for Japan" bumper stickers and they're for sale, and may I remind you once more that they only cost $5.

Slap 'em on your ride, blackbook or as a decal-collecting keepsake.  100% of the sales will be going towards the "Aloha for Japan" campaign.  To top it off, a local company here in the 808 will be providing a dollar for dollar match for every bumper sticker sold, how's dem apples.  For more 411 on how you can get your hands on these bad boys email my good friend Shannon at  Much aloha...

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