Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm addicted to these goodies...

I'm addicted to these goodies,

I was first introduced to these mouth breaking spring rolls by my highschool buddy's wife's mom, I swear they are soo friggen good.  I've had my fair share of spring rolls from tons of different restaurants and parties, but these in particular are hands down the best. 
One day, my friend had a get together at his place, and his mother-in-law put a platter of these on the table.  She looked over and told me "Try these."  I quickly grabbed one and took a bite into it, omg, bomb diggity.  It was like my body had gone into a spring roll eating trance and kept eating one after the other.  I looked over to my friend's mother-in-law and said, "Is there crack or something in this, because these spring rolls are addicting!"  My friend and his wife were laughing their bootays off, lol.

If you've never had a spring roll, it's a beautiful tasty treat.  It's made up of a killer mixture of some kinda protein (chicken, pork and/or shrimp usually) and chopped up veggies.  The mixture is then wrapped up in a thinly rolled out flour-based sheet, rolled up and then fried to a crisp.  And then it's usually served with a sauce.  My friend's mother-in-law has a killer vinegarette, diced carrot, chili pepper, and patice (and I'm sure there's other goodies in it) sauce.  Oh man, orgasmic, lol.  So when I eat 'em, I like to wrap 'em in lettuce and somen (Japanese) noodles.  I swear it's heaven in your mouth!

But ya, my high school buddy and I are super good friends.  He got married to a wonderful person (cuz she keeps him in check) and eventually had children, and when they did, they gave me the honor of giving their two sons (and my godsons) their Hawaiian name, being the Hawaiian-speaking dude that I am.  It's a Hawaiian custom to throw a big party for a child's 1st birthday, so when the boys made one, my artsy side in me painted up these huge banners for each of them.

My friends were super grateful and wanted to pay me in cash for my work, I refused.  But what they did instead was pay me in spring rolls handmade by their mom.  Yessssss!  So to this day, when our schedules align and we meet up, they'll hook me up with these bad boys.

At our last get together (, my friend's wife handed over a bag to me, and I didn't look in the bag until I was on the highway driving home.  When I looked in the bag they surprised and gifted me with two ziploc bags of spring rolls.  Oh man, I was in friggen heaven!  Because I haven't had 'em in such a long time, I polished off 12 spring rolls in one crack, haha.  Everytime I get these goodies, I swear, I'm one happy camper.

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