Monday, May 16, 2011

Steampunk "Inspired" Maria...

Here's the reveal of Steampunk "Inspired" Commission Maria,

From the one and only Mr. Erick Scarecrow.  Yup, the mystery is over, this commission piece is now part of my personal collection, and I couldn't be any happier.  It was hella hard trying to think of a colorway, because the rules was that it couldn't be a colorway that Mr. ESC had previously done.  I thought about it for weeks, and then finally, on my way home from work it popped in my head. 

Before the launching of his Soopa Maria line, I remember when ESC did his show for his Soopa Coin-Up Brothers Arcade figure.  I soooooo wanted to be there, being that I'd been into ESC's figs for that long and then some, lol.  But there was one piece that I really wanted to land my hands on, and it was the piece that Doktor A had done.  Well, long story short, I wasn't able to get it, lol.

So on my drive home, that piece popped into my mind, "That's it, I want a steampunk-inspired colorway."  So I got home and typed out detail, by detail, what colors I wanted where, from the gold and silver tail to the copper hat to the gold lipstick.  I can't believe how unreal the colors came out, it came out super wicked.  The copper looks super realistic and the gold and silver jus' totally blings her out.   But without further delay, here's the reveal...

I'm super grateful and lucky to add her to my collection.  I've admired ESC's work for quite some time and I seriously can't believe that my ESC collection is where it's at, the fact that I got the opportunity to get this awesome commission and the super unreal honor of "working" with Mr. Scarecrow, unreal, friggen unreal.  Much thanks to my homies who made it all happen.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Watch Yo Back...

Watch Yo Back,

That's what I call this photo.  When MAD dropped 411 about his Kidrobot Mascot figure I knew I had to have it so that I could snap this pic.  There's a message in this photo, but I'll let you all figure it out or interpret it with your own eyes.  *Wink* *wink*

Friday, May 13, 2011

Good times at I Mua Lounge...

Good times at I Mua Lounge,

That's where a couple my friends and I hit up for some good food, good company and good laughs.  I'm more into the laid back on the downlow kind of fun, in comparison to my more "wilder" college days.  But ya, I Mua Lounge is the place to go if you just wanna go somewhere casual.  And if you're gonna order any food, you GOTTA order their pork chops, oh man, it's the bomb diggity to the max. 

The original crew was only three of us (my Zumba adventure buddies, if you've been following my blog) who ordered a double order of those killer pork chops and kalbi, which is a Korean-style bbq beef broke-yo-mouth dish.  As we were talking story and what not, a 4th person came to the table to cruise and talk story with us.  My friends knew him, and I didn't, but he was a hella cool cat.

Arthur is his name, but he goes by "Ata" which is more of the local way of pronouncing his name.  He's a make-up artist and one of the top notch dudes of his game in the 808.  He styles the reporters of Hawai'i's top television news station and has his own studio where he does his more regular clientele work.  He's also been hired as a stylist for Hawaii 5-0 and a number of other bunch of worthy gigs.  But man, he was hella funny.

But in our convo, he was sharing how he was kinda interested in the latest "urban" scene and how he really liked the art of this one dude "Woebots" and that he wanted a piece from him.  I started cracking up, "Dude, I know the guy and I totally follow the 'urban' art scene."  Ata, in his line of work, has met tons of movie stars and models, but when I told him that I knew who (Angry) Woebots was, it was like he was floored and star struck, lol.  I told him about my collection and showed pics of some of my pieces and what not and he was super interested. 

So I told Ata, "Wait, hold up, I have something for you."  So I went to my car and gave him one of my Woebots prints.  He couldn't believe it, he kept thanking me over and over again and I just cracked up.   My other friends were trippin too, but I dunno, it just felt like it was the right thing to do.  That's what I truly enjoy about the 'urban scene' because you meet tons of awesome people along the way, and this was another one of those positive moments.  And ya, sometimes you gotta just pay it forward and down the road the goodness will return back to you. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maoli Arts Month aka MAMo...

Maoli Arts Month aka MAMo,

Is what it's called.  As many know I'm into the whole world of art and how it manifests from one community to another.  I'm especially supportive of those art movements that takes place here in Hawaii, and my whole goal (amongst many) is to really put our local talent on the worldly grid.   MAMo, as many of us know here in the 808, as an organization the promotes Native Hawaiian arts done by Native Hawaiian people.  Pieces range from paintings, to implements, and even tattoos.

A week from today, MAMo will be having a wearable art show at the Hawaii Theatre (the theatre is a piece of architectural beauty in itself.)  The fashion show will feature Native Hawaiian fashion designers who will be featuring their clothing line, all inspired from Hawaii's culturally-rich foundations.  Below are some pics of last year's fashions from just a few of the designers that showcased their work.  If you're around town you gotta check it out, for tickets, feel free to order tickets at


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's...

Breakfast at Tiffany's,

Never seen the movie, but Tiffany's is the inspiration for this Soopa Maria one-off commission piece.  I got the opportunity to see this commission piece for an 808 private collector up close and personal, and he gave me his blessings to reveal this hottie.  She's a beauty, painted with that rich "sky Tiffany's" blue, bounced off with a nice neutral punch of black and accented with a clam pearly silver.  The collector of this beauty is one happy dude.

Monday, May 9, 2011

So super stoked...

I'm so super stoked,

To have these in my collection.  MAD came out with these "Sharpest Sprayers Prototype" one-off's in his store a few years ago.  I REALLY wanted to purchase them when MAD first dropped him in his online store, but around that time I had purchased some other goodies for the collection, and I kinda jus' forgot about them.

Then MAD had done the unthinkable, he had posted some 411 on a massive sale at his online store and everything from prints to figures, including these guys went for hella sick prices.  I quickly jumped on my computer to see if I could get my hands on these figs, but I was too late. 

So fast forward to present day, a fellow collector gmiddleswarth posted his collection on the KR boards, and part of his (very sick) collection included MAD's one-off's.  Gmiddleswarth's collectionis ridiculous, he has some very heavy hitter goods, from 3A, Scribe, Jesse Hernandez and Mist, just to name a few.  In fact check his goodies out in his thread:  I complemented him with, "Those are prototype Sharpest Sprayers from MAD himself, very jealous may I add, lol. I so wanted those bad boys with my collection."

To my astonishing surprise, the unthinkable happened yet again.  Gmiddleswarth pm'd me asking me if I was interested in purchasing MAD's one-off's.  I couldn't friggen believe it.  I was so excited, I quickly jumped on it and said "Yes!"  I got so excited, I then sent a follow up message apologizing for not thanking him for the offer, haha that's how excited I was.

I can't say how thankful I am for having these guys in my collection, I really like MAD's work, especially with his Sharpest Sprayers and Bent World figures that he came out with.  He has a few drops coming up including a Kidrobot Mascot "Riot" figure which will be dropping this week along with his Bent World Beats mini's which will be dropping later this summer.  All I know is that I can't wait.

But ya, I snapped these pics, and to you gmiddleswarth, you da man my friend, thanks again for these bad boys!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fade to Black...

Fade to Black,

That's what I call these series of pics that I took this evening.  The pics are of Erick's three colorways of his Super Maria figures; the Shiro (white), Grayscale (mono) and Kage (black).  I posted pics of the duo Shiro and Kage yesterday, today it's the trio. 

The idea of taking pics of this trio was in my mind since Mr. Scarecrow announced these colorways, and I just had to have my hands on all three of 'em so that I could bring what was in my mind into fruition.  I also stepped up my game a little, playing a little more with lighting, and I really, really like how these photos came out.

No photo editing of any kind was done to these pics, with the exception of resizing, and that's it.  I really wanted to capture the rawness and neutral-ness (ya I made that word up, lol) of the grays, blacks and whites.  I hope you like these pics as much as I do!  Again thanks to the powers that be for these Soopas.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ivory n Ebony...

Ivory n Ebony,

Gotta love it.  It's always nice to get some goodies in the mail, and this is the latest.  I really couldn't wait for this duo to arrive, much due to the fact that one is a flat white Soopa (aka Shiro) and the other is a glossy see thru resin black Soopa (aka Kage) which makes a beautious dynamic duo in neutral colors.

The unraveling of these two took place at a undisclosed location *cough* *cough* with some really cool "affiliates" of mine.  But yup, yup, very happy to have these two as part of the latest to my collection.  Much thanks to the powers that be for these two beauties, you know who you all are.