Friday, May 13, 2011

Good times at I Mua Lounge...

Good times at I Mua Lounge,

That's where a couple my friends and I hit up for some good food, good company and good laughs.  I'm more into the laid back on the downlow kind of fun, in comparison to my more "wilder" college days.  But ya, I Mua Lounge is the place to go if you just wanna go somewhere casual.  And if you're gonna order any food, you GOTTA order their pork chops, oh man, it's the bomb diggity to the max. 

The original crew was only three of us (my Zumba adventure buddies, if you've been following my blog) who ordered a double order of those killer pork chops and kalbi, which is a Korean-style bbq beef broke-yo-mouth dish.  As we were talking story and what not, a 4th person came to the table to cruise and talk story with us.  My friends knew him, and I didn't, but he was a hella cool cat.

Arthur is his name, but he goes by "Ata" which is more of the local way of pronouncing his name.  He's a make-up artist and one of the top notch dudes of his game in the 808.  He styles the reporters of Hawai'i's top television news station and has his own studio where he does his more regular clientele work.  He's also been hired as a stylist for Hawaii 5-0 and a number of other bunch of worthy gigs.  But man, he was hella funny.

But in our convo, he was sharing how he was kinda interested in the latest "urban" scene and how he really liked the art of this one dude "Woebots" and that he wanted a piece from him.  I started cracking up, "Dude, I know the guy and I totally follow the 'urban' art scene."  Ata, in his line of work, has met tons of movie stars and models, but when I told him that I knew who (Angry) Woebots was, it was like he was floored and star struck, lol.  I told him about my collection and showed pics of some of my pieces and what not and he was super interested. 

So I told Ata, "Wait, hold up, I have something for you."  So I went to my car and gave him one of my Woebots prints.  He couldn't believe it, he kept thanking me over and over again and I just cracked up.   My other friends were trippin too, but I dunno, it just felt like it was the right thing to do.  That's what I truly enjoy about the 'urban scene' because you meet tons of awesome people along the way, and this was another one of those positive moments.  And ya, sometimes you gotta just pay it forward and down the road the goodness will return back to you. 

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  1. Hmmm... hanging out with HaynMade = 1. Trip to Hawaii 2. Bom diggity Pork chops 3. Hanging out with celebs and 4. free Angry Woebots prints. TRIP BOOKED. (<-- mattius from KR boards, love yer collection, dude)