Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I made state finals for the science fair Uncle HaynMade Part 2...

So tonight was the awards ceremony,

For the state finals for the science fair here in the 808, which was held at the Hawai'i Convention Center.  As many of you remember, I guided my niece and her partner in getting their presentation board ready (, and tonight was the awards night for all of the entries.  In a nutshell, she didn't place, lol, but that's okay, I was still proud of her accomplishment, being that she made it that far, that's commendable in my books.  So as usual, I seized the moment to snap some pics for memory's sake.

My niece's board...

And some other entries in my niece's bracket...

Also at the state finals for the science fair, there was an art competition for next year's science fair information booklet cover.  I must say, these kids have some ridiculous talent, you'll see what I mean.

1st place winner...

3rd place winner...

Honorable mention...

Another entry...

After the awards ceremony the family went to have some dinner together to celebrate my niece's accomplishment, so we head on over to Ricado's for some killer Italian food.

Two words...shrimp piccata...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Get a workout for the cause...

What's up peopz,

Just wanted to put a plug for some good friends of mine.  Come this Sunday, April 3, from 4:00-6:30pm, a fundraiser will be conducted to help out the folks out in Japan with their unfortunate situation that happened.  All of the proceeds from each of the $10 ticket sales will be going towards the cause.  There will be Zumba, Hip Hop and Cardio Kick Boxing from Hawai'i's greatest instructors, so bring it on!  Click on the fyer below for more detailed 411...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Zumba, a Dunny and HaynMade, what a combo...

Zumba, a Dunny and HaynMade, what a combo,

Yup, today was a day to remember.  My good friend Mara (the same one I talked about in an earlier entry ( asked if my friend and I could help her as her "fly dancers" (hahaha) for a Zumba marathon fundraiser for a local Hawaiian canoe paddling club here in the 808.  Being the cool peopz that we are, (and in all honesty, we're all about helping peopz out) we accepted her kind request.

Mara isn't a certified Zumba instructor but as I mentioned in my earlier blog entry, she does teach a Hip Hop class with a "Zumbaish" feel to it, and it's the bomb diggity.  So her Zumba clan asked if she would be willing to do a few routines at the fundraiser.  So prior to the three of us going on stage, we feverishly learned the choreo, some routines I was already familiar with, a majority...not.

So came time for us to go on stage, we booked it and danced before a crowd of nearly 100 Zummba fanatics.  The entire time we were dancing our set, all I could think about was Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical", Jane Fonda's Workout and the over so popular "ooo la-la" 20 Minute Workout.  (All of you folks from the 80's know what I'm talkin' about, haha.)

So we get on stage, and we're doing our choreo, and the nearly 6 foot tall stages weren't secured to the ground, nor were each of the stages fastened to each other...hilarious.  As we went from one routine to the next, there were these gaps between each of the stages that were getting further and further apart from each other, due to our movement.  I was hella worried that 1...I'd fall through the gap or 2...I'd fall off of the stage in front of a hundred people.  But long story short, it worked out okay, I got my cardio on, had hell of a good time with my friends, got some pics of my fig and shook my ish for a good cause.

Slammin' it 808 style...

It's all about slammin' it 808 style,

Slam poetry has takin' off here in Hawai'i, and it is to no surprise that a bunch of talented peopz have taken on this message delivering genre to the next level.  Youth Speaks Hawai'i was created in 2005 to give youth in the 808 a venue to write and deliver poetry.  In fact, in 2008 and 2009 Youth Speaks Hawai'i took the grand champion title at Brave New Voices' national competition and was featured as an HBO series, produced by Russell Simmons...unreal.  And when you think of Slam poetry, Jamaica Osorio comes to mind, a former Youth Speaks Hawai'i title holding team member who was invited to speak at the White House for President Obama.  She dunked it with perfection.

Slam poetry competitions are held monthly here in the 808 on every first Thursday of the month.  Both youth and adults alike are on the same competitive playing field for a chance to compete in the national finals.  The youth version competition invites Slam teams from across the 808 with the chance to compete for national finals.

The vid below was produced by Makaha Studios, and delivers a power punch by Hawai'i's talent, check it out...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Positivity coming from the Wes' Side...

Just wanted to throw some positivity coming from the Wes' Side,

Like many of our stereotyped communities, these very communities are continuously bombarded with negativity, and it doesn't help that the media sometimes takes the brush by the hand and paint a surrealistic scene of what's really out there.  If you take the time to check things out and make connections, there's positivity to be discovered.

One of the many super positive things that's coming out of the community where I live stems from a group of young and dedicated young men.  During their high school years, they were highly involved with Searider Productions, a high school media program headed by Candy Suiso, a visionary and mentor in our public educational system.  Under her leadership and mentorship, these group of boys took her shared knowledge to heart, in using media and technology to foster positivity.  After graduating they furthered their education in the states and returned home.

Together, they formed Makaha Studios, a for profit version of Searider Productions with the passion and motivation to tell stories and deliver messages via commercials, movies, and other digital media.  They've received a number of awards and continue to secure contracts and projects because of their positive drive.

So spare 8 minutes and 32 seconds of your lives to hear their story, friggen unreal...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I made state finals for the science fair Uncle HaynMade...

So my niece informed me about a month ago,

"I made state finals for the science fair Uncle HaynMade!"  I was hella stoked for her, being that she goes to a pretty ethnically diverse competitive private school here in the 808.  So in that particular phone convo, she asked if I could help her and her project partner with "stepping up" the look of their display board for their research on chocolate.  She called the right person for the job, lol.

A lil interesting tidbit...growing up all my life, I was pretty addicted to the ocean, and after the summer was done, I'd return to school with a pretty mean tan, haha.  So in middle school I got the nickname "Chocolate" for that very reason, along with my personal addiction to this savory treat.  I jus' thought it was kinda funny that my niece chose chocolate as her theme for her research, it brought back memories for me.

So I talked with her and her partner and got into their minds of what they were going for and what not.  Being the educator person that I am, a couple of weeks later I rounded up a few college-level science guru colleagues and professionals to critique my niece's practice presentation session and got some really good feedback from them in preparation for the state finals.  So after all of that we came up with a game plan. 

Today, my niece and her project partner hit the boards (literally, lol) and worked on giving their presentation board a facelift.  I helped direct them, and they did all of the re-edits and further research, typing, gluing and pasting.  It was five hours of labor intensive work, but the final outcome was worth all the effort.  Pretty impressive for a pair of middle school kiddies don't ya think?



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Like Liqui, like ice...

Like Liqui, like ice,

That's what comes to mind when I look at this beauty.  This was a special commission piece from Mr. ESC himself.  When I unwrapped her and saw her for the first time, my jaw dropped.  As I look at this beauty it's almost as though ESC tapped into his bag of magic and was able to capture the "icy look" of this uber rare piece.  This Liqui colorway, as ESC named her, comes from his line of Super Maria figs, which came in a number of colorways.  His Soopa Maria line came to an awesome close at the end of 2010, this design will be missed, but knowing Mr. ESC, he always has more goodness to come.

Much thanks to the powers that be (ya'll know who you are) for helping me land my hands on this piece.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

$20 fashion for the cause...

 If you're lookin' for some fashion for a cause,

Then this is the route to go, purchase an "Aloha for Japan" shirt.

Here's the 411 via Fitted Hawai'i's website:

"FITTED, along with some of our contemporaries, have banded together in support of our family and friends in Japan, after the devastating 8.9 earthquake and tsunami hit the islands of Japan. The ALOHA FOR JAPAN t-shirt is available at FITTED as well as these other fine local retailers in Hawai’i (please see bottom of post) and is AVAILABLE NOW in store only. The retail price for this t-shirt will be $20 and all profits will be donated towards Red Cross Foundation in support for the people of Japan. Lets help our friends and family in Japan in this great time of need."

Here's the list of retailers selling 'em:
1438 Kona St. #B
Honolulu, HI 96814

500 Piikoi Street
Honolulu, HI 96814

1050 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96814

880 Kapahulu Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816

For online purchase via Buti-Groove Hawaii:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sheeeeee's baaaaaaack!...

Sheeeeee's baaaaaaack!,

For those in the street, hip hop and urban dance scene in the 808, you'll know who Mara is.  I first met her in the 90's (yup I'm dating myself, lol) when I was high school through a good friend of mine who was dancing for her with a crew called "SLAM" who was with Big City Productions at the time.  I remember the first time I started taking class with Mara at Big City, I was seriously blown away.  Mara has set the foundations for 100's of dancers including Gil Duldulao, Janet Jackson's choreographer.  Throughout the years Mara and I have become pretty good friends.

I danced for Mara for quite some time.  In my later high school years, I auditioned and got into SLAM.  During my summers while I was in college, I continued taking Street from Mara.  Around that time, Big City became Dance Central, and during my later college years, I wasn't able to take classes, due to work and the fact that I was living on another island.  I returned home for my Masters degree and got started dancing up with Dance Central again.  Man, there was a HUGE block of time that I missed out on and choreo had made some significant changes and I had to catch up, lol.  All in all it was good to be back.

I'm still hanging in there as one of the geriatric dancers of the group, haha.  But anyway a few years ago, Mara got the call from the military and she was deployed to Iraq.  While she was away I continued to take Street classes from different choreographers (all former students of Mara), which was good, because I learned different styles of choreo.  Mara had been in Iraq for a few years, when she returned back to O'ahu, she got married and stayed on the downlow from the dance scene...until recently.

Last week I got the text from Mara letting me know that she was back into the dance scene, I was trippin.  She let me know that she was going to be teaching two classes back at the Y (where our studio is), Beginning Adult Street and Street Jamz.  Damn, it's kinda a trip that she's back, not to mention the kick booty cardio she's trademarked for.

But anyway, for you 808 heads lookin' for a good workout, do come by and check Mara out.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Epic session with good company...

Today was probably one of the most epic sessions I've had in a very long time,

One of my very good college friends called me earlier this week asking if I'd be able to travel with her crew, being that she was going to be sailing her canoe "Kanehunamoku" into the area where I live.  Being that this was the first time ever that Kanehunamoku was sailing outside of her Windward O'ahu turf into the area where I live, she felt more comfortable having a "native" (along with my other good friend and fellow "native") of the area to be with her on deck.

Kanehunamoku, along with a number of other Hawaiian canoes are referred to as if they are real people, and rightfully so.  Traditional Hawaiian canoes are a direct link to the people to our of the past, being that that's how we all got here over eons ago.  The art and skill of Hawaiian voyaging was revitalized in the late 1970's with Hokule'a.  Since Hokule'a's renaissance voyage, other Hawaiian canoes or wa'a have been born, including Hawai'i Loa, E Ala, Makali'i and Kanehunamoku just to name a few.  Kanehunamoku, in Hawaiian wa'a genealogy is the 'ohana (family) of Makali'i.  What makes Kanehunamoku extra special is that it is captained by my good friend, who is one of the very few female Native Hawaiian captains in the world, unreal.
Kanehunamoku sailed to Makaha Bay for the memorial services of Uncle Boogie Kalama who had recently passed away.  Uncle Boogie was one of the original crew members of Hokule'a and has since then been an advocate for those Hawaiian canoes that were born thereafter, including Kanehunamoku.  Uncle Boogie was known for his good heart and was one to joke around to lighten the spirits of those he surrounded.  He was a well-respected person by many.  It was for these reasons that my friend felt that it was important for her and her crew to make the sail out on the west side.

So came this morning, I woke my bootay up at 5:30 in the morning to get ready and pick up my other "native" friend.  When we got to Wai'anae Boat Harbor, there was Kanehunamoku sitting there, silhouetted by the early dawn, epic, I tell you. 
So with no seafaring experience what so ever, I helped where I could.  I was tasked with holding one of the lines (to the left in the photo above) when the main post or kia was brought up.  Talk about pressure, lol.  I had to make sure that the kia rose straight up, cuz if it rocked too far to one side as it was coming up, without it lashed as of yet, it could come crashing down and cause some serious damage and a not so good situation.

Besides the two local natives, my friend's crew for the day was made up of her husband, two other adult deck hands and these two high school boys.  I was super super impressed at how "on it" these two boys (along with the rest of the crew for that matter) were.  The crew was in their zone tying lines down and prepping Kanehunamoku for the day ahead.
So Kanehunamoku then booked it over from Wai'anae Boat Harbor to the neighboring Poka'i Bay to meet up with another canoe E Ala, captained by my cousin and another good friend of mine.
Once the opening morning session was complete, both canoes made their voyage over to Makaha Bay, which was a couple of miles away.  This is where I got some killer pics of the West side in its true beauty.
We arrived at Makaha Bay, which is where the memorial for Uncle Boogie took place.  There was some services done on the beach, and while that was being held, the two natives stayed back on deck to watch Kanehunamoku, being that she was anchored in the ocean.  While we watched Kanehunamoku, my friend and I jumped off of the canoe and swam in the pristine crystal clear ocean, oh man, that felt soooooooo good.  After the services were done on the beach, surfers paddlers booked it out into the ocean for the ocean portion of the services.  Everyone came out into the ocean to toss flower petals, flowers and leis in Unce's memory.  That was a really awesome sight.  (If you look in the pic below, the house to the far right is my grandfather's place, yup tsunami zone, lol.)
So after the services were done, Kanehunamoku needed to make it's sail back to Wai'anae Harbor for docking.  My friend asked if I wanted to steer Kanehunamoku, and I was super duper nervous about that, but I went ahead and took on the challenge.  She provided me with a few pointers and then left it to me.  I needed some guidance in the beginning, but after I got the hang of it.  I really got into this unreal zone, looking at the land, looking at the ocean, it's hard to describe, but it was seriously epic.
After the wa'a docked, it was time to take Kanehunamoku apart and prep her for her journey on the road back home.  It really was an awesome day, the crew was super cool and we spent the day talking story, swimming and cracking up.  You gotta love it...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dim Sum, Dave's and Dunny Action...

It was a day of dimsum, Dave's and Dunny action,

My friend gave me a call after our tsunami surge session had ended, asking if I wanted to chow down on some dim sum.  For those of you unfamiliar with dim sum, it's these super delish (usually) steamed Chinese stuffed morsels.  They're filled with all kinds of stuff, depending on the type of dim sum you get, from pork, to chicken, to seafood and so forth.  Being that dim sum addict that I am, I couldn't pass the opportunity, so we hit it. I called my other good friend and we all booked it for Happy Day in town.  I really like their dim sum, lots of dim sum to choose from.  My absolute fav dim sum is Happy Day's har gau, which is a dim sum stuffed entirely with shrimp, hella good stuff.
One of my friends had to go into work (seriously, what boss calls in their employees on the day of a tsunami?) so we dropped him off and then we booked it to my other friend's husband's workplace to drop off some dim sum with him (which he really appreciated).  My friend was in cruise mode so we then hit it to a carwash, and I snapped this killer pic.
Before hittin' it at home, we hit it over to Dave's Icecream, as if the dim sum wasn't enough, haha.  But oh man, it was super good stuff, and I went home hella stuffed, good times.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The loss of a Hawaiian artist with mad talent...

Today we lost a Hawaiian artist with mad talent,

Herb Kane, passed away at the age of 83.  I always admired this guy's talent from a very young age.  His level of detail is unfathomed and his use of vibrant colors are just sick.  The reason why I have a HUGE respect for this guy is that Herb Kane did his homework.  Herb read through numerous documents and really studied Hawaiian history to depict Hawaiian historical moments and traditional life as best as he could.  My favorite painting from him of all time is "The Battle at Nu'uanu" which is proudly displayed at my high school's library.  As a teen, I'd make special visits all the time to check out the painting there, which is pretty huge.  You can't see it from the photo below, but in the original painting, you can see the expressions in the faces of the people, super unreal stuff.  But ya, below the "Battle of Nu'uanu" photos are a number of other pieces Herb did.

Mahalo Herb for sharing your gift with the world

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Checkin' it out at Bishop Museum...

So today I went to check things out at Bishop Museum,

For  a poshy by invite only reception that I went to for a television station where we aired commercials for where I work.  I got there about an hour early, so I casually walked past the reception area and snuck my way into the museum's displays, lol.  Very recently the Bishop Museum had redone Hawai'i Hall, where a number of artifacts are currently up for display.  In the past the stuff they had for display were pretty drabby, and it remained like that from when I was a lil kid until my adulthood.  The museum made the smart move of bringing in a group of Hawaiian artists, educators (like my boss), and cultural practitioners to give Hawai'i Hall a facelift, and it sure paid off.  You gotta just see it for yourself, there's art done by Hawaiians, and the displays tell what I feel is a true story of our people.

The museum does come with its share of controversy, where they have in storage bones of our ancestors.  Why the controversy?  Well, many Hawaiians (like myself) believe that the bones (along with their noho pu or sacred belongings) of our ancestors or kupuna belong in the ground where they were buried.  That's why, when I'm long gone, I want my body to be cremated and thrown into the ocean, so that I can drift about and feed a school of fish which will feed a family.  I know, it's pretty profound and deep stuff, but I figure I share.
I then walked over to the exhibit museum area, and met up with this dude, for an upcoming dinosaur exhibit.
So after some "site exploration" at the museum's premises, I walked back over to the reception area.  I got my table # and walked over to sit down.  When I sat down, there was this guy and his wife sitting there.  So I sat down and started rappin' and jokin' around with 'em.  They were hella cool, and I introduced mysef.  To my surprise, he introduced himself as Kim Taylor Reece.  I was humbly blown away, cuz of the mere fact that he's a pretty popular photographer who's known (but not limited to) for his photos of Hawaiian women dancing hula, super cool guy.  You didn't hear this from me but I overheard a phone convo he was having with his agent about a lil camio appearance in Hawai'i 5-0 as a...photographer, lol.
Came time for lunch, I was hella happy, good old Hawaiian food from one of my favorite eateries, Highway Inn.  If you want some good Hawaiian food, that's the place to go to.  But ya, they catered this posh event I attended.  So for those of you who never had Hawaiian food before, here's your intro lesson.  At the back left of the plate is squid lu'au, which is made up of lu'au leaves which come from the leaves of the kalo or taro plant, mixed with coconut milk and squid, mmm, good stuff.  To the right of that is lomilomi salmon, which is made up of chopped tomatoes, salmon, onion and green onion.  Then there's a slice of pineapple.  To the front left is chicken long rice, which is made up of long rice, green onion, chicken and chicken broth.  To the right of that is kalua pig which is an underground smoked pork and next to that a healthy heaping of rice, no poi this time, but that's okay, it was still good.