Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The loss of a Hawaiian artist with mad talent...

Today we lost a Hawaiian artist with mad talent,

Herb Kane, passed away at the age of 83.  I always admired this guy's talent from a very young age.  His level of detail is unfathomed and his use of vibrant colors are just sick.  The reason why I have a HUGE respect for this guy is that Herb Kane did his homework.  Herb read through numerous documents and really studied Hawaiian history to depict Hawaiian historical moments and traditional life as best as he could.  My favorite painting from him of all time is "The Battle at Nu'uanu" which is proudly displayed at my high school's library.  As a teen, I'd make special visits all the time to check out the painting there, which is pretty huge.  You can't see it from the photo below, but in the original painting, you can see the expressions in the faces of the people, super unreal stuff.  But ya, below the "Battle of Nu'uanu" photos are a number of other pieces Herb did.

Mahalo Herb for sharing your gift with the world

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