Thursday, March 24, 2011

I made state finals for the science fair Uncle HaynMade...

So my niece informed me about a month ago,

"I made state finals for the science fair Uncle HaynMade!"  I was hella stoked for her, being that she goes to a pretty ethnically diverse competitive private school here in the 808.  So in that particular phone convo, she asked if I could help her and her project partner with "stepping up" the look of their display board for their research on chocolate.  She called the right person for the job, lol.

A lil interesting tidbit...growing up all my life, I was pretty addicted to the ocean, and after the summer was done, I'd return to school with a pretty mean tan, haha.  So in middle school I got the nickname "Chocolate" for that very reason, along with my personal addiction to this savory treat.  I jus' thought it was kinda funny that my niece chose chocolate as her theme for her research, it brought back memories for me.

So I talked with her and her partner and got into their minds of what they were going for and what not.  Being the educator person that I am, a couple of weeks later I rounded up a few college-level science guru colleagues and professionals to critique my niece's practice presentation session and got some really good feedback from them in preparation for the state finals.  So after all of that we came up with a game plan. 

Today, my niece and her project partner hit the boards (literally, lol) and worked on giving their presentation board a facelift.  I helped direct them, and they did all of the re-edits and further research, typing, gluing and pasting.  It was five hours of labor intensive work, but the final outcome was worth all the effort.  Pretty impressive for a pair of middle school kiddies don't ya think?



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