Friday, March 11, 2011

Dim Sum, Dave's and Dunny Action...

It was a day of dimsum, Dave's and Dunny action,

My friend gave me a call after our tsunami surge session had ended, asking if I wanted to chow down on some dim sum.  For those of you unfamiliar with dim sum, it's these super delish (usually) steamed Chinese stuffed morsels.  They're filled with all kinds of stuff, depending on the type of dim sum you get, from pork, to chicken, to seafood and so forth.  Being that dim sum addict that I am, I couldn't pass the opportunity, so we hit it. I called my other good friend and we all booked it for Happy Day in town.  I really like their dim sum, lots of dim sum to choose from.  My absolute fav dim sum is Happy Day's har gau, which is a dim sum stuffed entirely with shrimp, hella good stuff.
One of my friends had to go into work (seriously, what boss calls in their employees on the day of a tsunami?) so we dropped him off and then we booked it to my other friend's husband's workplace to drop off some dim sum with him (which he really appreciated).  My friend was in cruise mode so we then hit it to a carwash, and I snapped this killer pic.
Before hittin' it at home, we hit it over to Dave's Icecream, as if the dim sum wasn't enough, haha.  But oh man, it was super good stuff, and I went home hella stuffed, good times.

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