Friday, March 25, 2011

Positivity coming from the Wes' Side...

Just wanted to throw some positivity coming from the Wes' Side,

Like many of our stereotyped communities, these very communities are continuously bombarded with negativity, and it doesn't help that the media sometimes takes the brush by the hand and paint a surrealistic scene of what's really out there.  If you take the time to check things out and make connections, there's positivity to be discovered.

One of the many super positive things that's coming out of the community where I live stems from a group of young and dedicated young men.  During their high school years, they were highly involved with Searider Productions, a high school media program headed by Candy Suiso, a visionary and mentor in our public educational system.  Under her leadership and mentorship, these group of boys took her shared knowledge to heart, in using media and technology to foster positivity.  After graduating they furthered their education in the states and returned home.

Together, they formed Makaha Studios, a for profit version of Searider Productions with the passion and motivation to tell stories and deliver messages via commercials, movies, and other digital media.  They've received a number of awards and continue to secure contracts and projects because of their positive drive.

So spare 8 minutes and 32 seconds of your lives to hear their story, friggen unreal...

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