Saturday, March 26, 2011

Zumba, a Dunny and HaynMade, what a combo...

Zumba, a Dunny and HaynMade, what a combo,

Yup, today was a day to remember.  My good friend Mara (the same one I talked about in an earlier entry ( asked if my friend and I could help her as her "fly dancers" (hahaha) for a Zumba marathon fundraiser for a local Hawaiian canoe paddling club here in the 808.  Being the cool peopz that we are, (and in all honesty, we're all about helping peopz out) we accepted her kind request.

Mara isn't a certified Zumba instructor but as I mentioned in my earlier blog entry, she does teach a Hip Hop class with a "Zumbaish" feel to it, and it's the bomb diggity.  So her Zumba clan asked if she would be willing to do a few routines at the fundraiser.  So prior to the three of us going on stage, we feverishly learned the choreo, some routines I was already familiar with, a majority...not.

So came time for us to go on stage, we booked it and danced before a crowd of nearly 100 Zummba fanatics.  The entire time we were dancing our set, all I could think about was Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical", Jane Fonda's Workout and the over so popular "ooo la-la" 20 Minute Workout.  (All of you folks from the 80's know what I'm talkin' about, haha.)

So we get on stage, and we're doing our choreo, and the nearly 6 foot tall stages weren't secured to the ground, nor were each of the stages fastened to each other...hilarious.  As we went from one routine to the next, there were these gaps between each of the stages that were getting further and further apart from each other, due to our movement.  I was hella worried that 1...I'd fall through the gap or 2...I'd fall off of the stage in front of a hundred people.  But long story short, it worked out okay, I got my cardio on, had hell of a good time with my friends, got some pics of my fig and shook my ish for a good cause.

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