Monday, May 16, 2011

Steampunk "Inspired" Maria...

Here's the reveal of Steampunk "Inspired" Commission Maria,

From the one and only Mr. Erick Scarecrow.  Yup, the mystery is over, this commission piece is now part of my personal collection, and I couldn't be any happier.  It was hella hard trying to think of a colorway, because the rules was that it couldn't be a colorway that Mr. ESC had previously done.  I thought about it for weeks, and then finally, on my way home from work it popped in my head. 

Before the launching of his Soopa Maria line, I remember when ESC did his show for his Soopa Coin-Up Brothers Arcade figure.  I soooooo wanted to be there, being that I'd been into ESC's figs for that long and then some, lol.  But there was one piece that I really wanted to land my hands on, and it was the piece that Doktor A had done.  Well, long story short, I wasn't able to get it, lol.

So on my drive home, that piece popped into my mind, "That's it, I want a steampunk-inspired colorway."  So I got home and typed out detail, by detail, what colors I wanted where, from the gold and silver tail to the copper hat to the gold lipstick.  I can't believe how unreal the colors came out, it came out super wicked.  The copper looks super realistic and the gold and silver jus' totally blings her out.   But without further delay, here's the reveal...

I'm super grateful and lucky to add her to my collection.  I've admired ESC's work for quite some time and I seriously can't believe that my ESC collection is where it's at, the fact that I got the opportunity to get this awesome commission and the super unreal honor of "working" with Mr. Scarecrow, unreal, friggen unreal.  Much thanks to my homies who made it all happen.

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