Monday, May 9, 2011

So super stoked...

I'm so super stoked,

To have these in my collection.  MAD came out with these "Sharpest Sprayers Prototype" one-off's in his store a few years ago.  I REALLY wanted to purchase them when MAD first dropped him in his online store, but around that time I had purchased some other goodies for the collection, and I kinda jus' forgot about them.

Then MAD had done the unthinkable, he had posted some 411 on a massive sale at his online store and everything from prints to figures, including these guys went for hella sick prices.  I quickly jumped on my computer to see if I could get my hands on these figs, but I was too late. 

So fast forward to present day, a fellow collector gmiddleswarth posted his collection on the KR boards, and part of his (very sick) collection included MAD's one-off's.  Gmiddleswarth's collectionis ridiculous, he has some very heavy hitter goods, from 3A, Scribe, Jesse Hernandez and Mist, just to name a few.  In fact check his goodies out in his thread:  I complemented him with, "Those are prototype Sharpest Sprayers from MAD himself, very jealous may I add, lol. I so wanted those bad boys with my collection."

To my astonishing surprise, the unthinkable happened yet again.  Gmiddleswarth pm'd me asking me if I was interested in purchasing MAD's one-off's.  I couldn't friggen believe it.  I was so excited, I quickly jumped on it and said "Yes!"  I got so excited, I then sent a follow up message apologizing for not thanking him for the offer, haha that's how excited I was.

I can't say how thankful I am for having these guys in my collection, I really like MAD's work, especially with his Sharpest Sprayers and Bent World figures that he came out with.  He has a few drops coming up including a Kidrobot Mascot "Riot" figure which will be dropping this week along with his Bent World Beats mini's which will be dropping later this summer.  All I know is that I can't wait.

But ya, I snapped these pics, and to you gmiddleswarth, you da man my friend, thanks again for these bad boys!

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