Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fade to Black...

Fade to Black,

That's what I call these series of pics that I took this evening.  The pics are of Erick's three colorways of his Super Maria figures; the Shiro (white), Grayscale (mono) and Kage (black).  I posted pics of the duo Shiro and Kage yesterday, today it's the trio. 

The idea of taking pics of this trio was in my mind since Mr. Scarecrow announced these colorways, and I just had to have my hands on all three of 'em so that I could bring what was in my mind into fruition.  I also stepped up my game a little, playing a little more with lighting, and I really, really like how these photos came out.

No photo editing of any kind was done to these pics, with the exception of resizing, and that's it.  I really wanted to capture the rawness and neutral-ness (ya I made that word up, lol) of the grays, blacks and whites.  I hope you like these pics as much as I do!  Again thanks to the powers that be for these Soopas.

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