Saturday, April 16, 2011

One crazy week...

It was one crazy week,

Along with the normal grind of work, later in the week my good friend (this is the one I traveled with earlier this year: got rushed to the emergency room because she wasn't feeling well.  So her husband (also my good friend) took her in to see what was going on.  In a nutshell, she had to get surgery done due to some internal inflammation.  That totally swept her off of her feet for the remainder of the week.

To make things a little more crazier, it was her daughter's senior prom.  Luckily my friend's mom was in town to help around with stuff, but she too couldn't do it all herself, so good old HaynMade stepped in to lend a hand.  I got into my "mode" where I made sure things were okay with the family and that all of the right questions were asked with medications, surgical procedures, etc.  I also helped with errands and drove people around and what not.  I was friggen pooped, lol.

Came Saturday morning, my niece and I booked it into town to pick up my friend's son at home and then we went to my friend's folks' condo to take some food that I got for my friend because she was coming home from the hospital.  In the meantime, my friend's mom took her granddaughter to get her face done n her hair dead for the prom.  So I watched the kiddies until my friend came home from the hospital with her husband and when she did, I hooked her up with some tea, sweetbread with peanut butter and guava jelly, popsicles and green tea.

So my friend's daughter then arrived with her grandmother and it was time for her to get ready for the prom.  She got her a orange dress, YES, points for originality!  So she was good to go so I was the designated chauffeur and photographer dropped her off with her date (who was in a black tux with white shirt and orange vest, sick!) and her buddies. 

At 1am my friend's mom and I went to grab my friend's daughter, and according to her, she had a killer time at the prom.  The theme for the prom was "The World is Ours" where everything from decor to food to entertainment had to do with travel.  I took some pics of her prom favor, which was hella sick in my opinion and her wristlet flower thingy that her date gave her.

When you snapped the lil suitcase open, there were "worldly" candies and stickers, 
isn't that super cool?

It's all about the orange...

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