Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 4, another day in Disneyville...

So on the 4th day of my trip,

We hit it yet again to Disneyland.  We had Minnie's Character Breakfast just down the way from Main Street in Disneyland.  For those of you who have children or are just a big time Disney buff, I'd recommend this.  But yup, we spent the day polishing off Disneyland, good times.

We then went over to Disney California Adventure Park to polish that side off as well, and then had lunch/dinner at one of the restaurants there, you can't go wrong with Italian food.  Good old shrimp scampi and refreshing drinks, non-alcoholic of course, lol.

We then went to Downtown Disney and did some minor shopping, no real damage done.  But we took my friend's son to this one store which is a guy's (or girl's for that matter) version of Build-A-Bear, but instead you customize your own ride.  Pretty cool, you can chose your car model, and customize rims, wheels, exhaust pipes, etc. and you can even turn it into a remote control car if you want.  Awesomeness.

Disneyland closed late that night, so we returned to the park to ride all of our favorite rides.  I'd recommend you ride them at night, totally different experience.  I have this thing of being the last person at Disneyland so that's what I did with my friend and their kids.  We literally shut the park down and was the last people out of the park, hahaha, they were stoked that they were able to say they shut the park down, that's what made the whole trip worth it.

We returned to our room and what do you know, another "Magic Moment" for the kiddies.  This time it was chocolate covered tuxedo strawberries, autographed photos of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan and balloons, so super cool, what a way to end a perfect day.

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