Sunday, July 14, 2013

HaynMade hits the states part 2, Day 5...

So after a lil recovery from the final of 3 50th anniversary parties from the night before,

My friend, her mom and I headed on over to Disneyland for some good ole fashion 3 adults in kiddie mode fun.  By the time we reached the park we were pretty hungry so we headed on over to the Carthay Circle Restaurant at the Disneyland California Adventure Park.  You folks might remember, my friend, my godson and I ate there before about a month prior, lol.

But man, the food, as usual was hella delish.  While we were waiting for our table we got this watermelon n mango sorbet thingy.  We didn't know how the hell to eat it but man it was super good n refreshing.

So after our lil wait, we were escorted upstairs, this time to a different location from the last time we ate there, pretty cool stuff.

Then it was time for some serious grub action.  In true good food restaurant action, the feast opened with bread.  And then my friend n her mom got a pretty fancied up salad and I got a pretty fancied up soup, lol.

And then it was time for the main dish portion of our meal.  My friend's mom got the salmon, my friend got the steak and I got the shrimp.  We all sampled from each other, oohhhhh man, good food tastes so good, especially when it looks good lol.

Oh n who could forget dessert?  My friend's mom n I got the lemon pound cake thingy n my friend got a chocolate cake thingy, ooooooooh man, to die for!

After dinner we hit up a few rides at the California Adventure.

After that we checked out World of Color at the California Adventure.  It was the third time I saw this show, and nope, it never gets old.

After World of Color, we headed on over to Disneyland and checked out some art right near the entrance of the main gate.  Up on exhibit were a few birdies from the Tiki Room Show, being that they're celebrating I think it's 50 years of that show. 

We then caught the train to the back end of the park andhit up a few rides there, good times, good times...

And my highlight of the evening was catchin some photos of Disney's buildings, unreal!

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