Monday, July 15, 2013

HaynMade hits the states part 2, Day 6...

So you'd think after a day of Disneyland we'd be over it,

Wrong, lol.  My friend and I ended up going back to do a lil shopping and catch a few sights to get Mickey all out of our system.  We headed straight to California Adventure to watch the Aladdin musical, which I've seen one time before.  We got our seats and I busted out my camera to refine my "take photos of people in action while in the dark" skills, and man, I'm pretty impressed with some of the photos I was able to capture.

Of which, if any of you readers recognize these actors and they'd like to have full scale photos of them, I have a bunch, tell 'em to email me and I'll gladly hook them up.

After the show we headed for one of our fav rides, Torror of Terror to get our scream on, lol.  Man, that ride is hella fun.  And soon after that we had to get our grub on so we headed over to the Jazz Kitchen for some New Orleans style food.

For appetizers my friend ordered a crab cake and these fried artichoke things, whew, good stuff.

Then it was time for our main meal, I ordered onion soup New Orleans style and a seafood salad (oh man it was soooo super good) and my friend got red beans and rice and shrimp n grits...

And then there was dessert, a double chocolate bread pudding soufflé, hoooootttttttt daaaaaammmmnnnn, lol...

After lunch we HAD to get our shopping on and shed a few calories with some walkage, lol.  I got a few things for the fam bam and then the artsy fartsy side in me checked out some of the "stylized art" that was in Downtown Disney, pretty cool stuff.

And then there was the Disney Lego store, mega cool... 

That evening we got home and my friend had a bunch of her close family over to dinner.  I sat like a fly on the wall and snapped away at a bunch of photos of her fam bam, and yep, tat pics, lol.

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