Thursday, July 18, 2013

HaynMade hits the states part 2, Day 9...

So my chef Cali buddy,

Called me up and we went to get our late breakkie on at Bru's Waffles.  My buddy got the chicken n waffles and I got the big breakfast which came with potatoes, eggs, bacon, sausage n a waffle, happy camper.

We cruised it a lil n waited for my friend to get off of work, I got traded off because my chef friend had to head to work, lol.  So when that all happened we then met with yet with some of our other friends.  We checked 'em (my friend n her son) out at Taekwondo class, pretty cool stuff.

By then, with the drive to go n see my friends n stuff, it was dinner time, so what did we do? Eat yet again, lol.  So we headed on to Stackers, pretty cool place.  Everything is made to order...via an iPad, lol.  Seriously, you build your burgers, pizzas, mac n cheese, and even dessert all through an iPad.

(This made to order sundae was good, complete with coffee ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter n hot fudge)

Man, I was hella stuffed!

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