Sunday, June 9, 2013

HaynMade hits the states Day 7...Part 1

The next morning,

I barely woke up, lol, and we headed on over to my goddaughter's apartment to say goodbye before she headed to class.  Unbeknownst to her, good ole Uncle HaynMade decided to throw some creativity and arranged for a special surprise.  I had her go on a scavenger hunt (a lot of people who know me know that I'm infamous for this stuff, lol) in her crib, haha and texted her some clues that lead her to a lil spending cash.  So here's the verbage to the scavenger hunt, along with the photos my goddaughter took upon finding everything, haha, hilarious.

"Uncle HaynMade, the creative one, ya that's his name.  My dear goddaughter are you ready to play a game?  5 little clues will be told so you'll need to use your mind, but by following them nice n carefully around your home 5 little rewards you'll also find.  The reward to your first prize should be easy to handle, go to the dining area and look under the tall pillar candle."

"Prize #2 to the bathroom you must go n be on it like a fox, your reward can be found there under the cornstarch box."

"To the kitchen you gotta head to for clue #3 you must look, glance at the counter there in one of the little books."

"I hope you're having fun with all of my clues, for prize #4 to your bedroom you must go n look for one of my favorite authors Dr. Seuss."

"I hope this has been fun for you from the very start, for your final reward to the living room you must go and look under this console home of Call of Duty and Kingdom of Hearts."

Needless to say, the goddaughter had a nice time with her lil surprise.

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