Sunday, June 9, 2013

HaynMade hits the states Day 6...

After a nice rest,

We all woke up and headed to the hotel's restaurant (like the day before) for some buffet goodness, mmm, damn it was good stuff.

With my stomach nice n full n ready to explode I felt the need to go walking around and while doing so, I snapped a bunch of pics around the hotel's lounge n lobby area.

This eagle carving was jus' hella unreal, it's about 4 feet tall.

Photos above from the lounge/bar area...

And back to the restaurant I went n fiddled around at the table, lol...

After breakfast was done, we all went cruising in the area to check out where my friend's mom grew up in Colorado.  It's hard to describe, but the air is so crisp there.  And you gotta jus' love the landscape.

We arrived in a little town called Georgetown, an area super close to where my friend's mom grew up.  I was jus' amazed at the artistry in the architecture of many of the old skool homes and buildings.

One particular spot we toured to in Georgetown was the Hotel de Paris, now a historical museum in the heart of the area.  It was once owned from a Frenchman Louis Dupuy who ran this 5 star back in the day hotel.  Many of the hotel's furnishings from that time are still in the Hotel de Paris.  One pretty cool n trippy thing was that my friend's grandmother was once a docent for the Hotel de Paris, and when we went to check in, there was a bunch of stuff you could purchase in the lobby area.  One of the things we came across was a book on the history of the Hotel de Paris.  How's this, my friend's mom opened the book and to her surprise the page that she opened the book on was a photo of her mom.  How's dem friggen apples?!

After the tour was done we cruised around the little town, and there was such cool stuff to check out. There was an old hardware store, antique shops, little art shops, restaurants, etc. etc.

One shop that caught our attention was the Georgetown Valley Candy Company.  Man, it was almost like stepping into one of Willy Wonka's franchise stores.  There was jus' goodies everywhere

After visiting Georgetown, we checked out of our hotel and made the trek back to Fort Collins to continue our adventure.  On our way, we made a quick stop to where my friend's folks got married some 50 years ago, unreal...

We then stopped for some dinner at Panera, oh man, good stuff.

We then dropped off my friend's folks at the hotel in Fort Collins and by then it was pretty late.  Was the adventure over?  Hellllllll no, lol.  My friend, my godson and I headed to Walmart to get our shopping on for my goddaughter who needed a few food items for her apartment.  In true fashion of how my friend operates the word "few" is not in her dictionary, lol.  She totally hooked her daughter up with some major grub, haha.  Man, I was sooooo tired, I was leaning against the shopping cart in Walmart and fallin' asleep.  Haha, but I forced myself to stay awake jus' to make the most out of my trip.

After that was all packed away at my goddaughter's place n done nearly 3 or 4 in the morning, I totally crashed out, good times.

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