Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bball with the niece...

Still on vacay,

My sis rang me up, askin' if I'd be interested in checkin' out my niece's bball game, and I happily obliged.  Man, the last time I went to her basketball game was like when she was in elementary, lol.  But as I sat there in the bleachers, bein' the proud uncle that I am, it took my back to that day when she was on the court scramblin' around as a lil kid.  Now as a teenager she's still scramblin' around on the court, haha!  Her team didn't end up winning, but I really didn't care I'm jus' hella proud of this outgoin' gal.

After the game was done, we all headed on to Zippy's for some grub.  I got me a kalbi bowl (hot damn this was good!), my sis got some friend noodles and teri beef and the niece got a club.  Good n yummy times with the fam bam!

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