Saturday, November 8, 2014

HaynMade hits up Cali Day 2...

On this wonderful morning,

My Cali buddy and I headed on over to Pasadena, for my first over DesignerCon!  Ah man, I could feel the crazed collector in me getting all excited!  We got our passes and met up with one of my persuading buddies Soljah52 and walked on it.  Man, it was urban art and creative heaven for me!  I met up and conversed with some of my favorite artists and hooked them up with some Hawaiian Host chocolates from the 808.  Many of them were hella stoked

With over 200 booths there, I was very well impressed with how calm the flow was, and how everyone was pretty much respectful of each other's space.  At the entrance there was a huge Ad-At statue, put together from the mind of Bill McMullen...beast.  I quickly got my hands on some DokA figs, that I was hella stoked to get.

We also attended a a panel discussion, which addressed the question, "Custom Resin Figures: Art or Theft?"  It was pretty interesting.  The panel, amongst a bunch of themes and questions looked at the controversy of casting "remixed figs" or "bootlegs/bootlegs of bootlegs" (and I use this term very loosely because of its controversial nature).  The (hilarious and insightful) panel consisted of Jeff Rawson and Sean Sanford from Galacticjerkbags, The Sucklord, Healeymade, Scoott Wilkowski of Waxbean Studios, Peter Goral of Killer Bootlegs, and Dov Kelemer of SKE Toys.

We then went to get us some grub to eat at a nearby BJ's a sports-ish restaurant with salads, pizzas, and other yummies.

Also worthy of mentioning, this awesome dessert cookie pizza, yummers...

We returned to the convention where I met up with a few more artists, good times, good times.  We stayed at DCon until the end and then headed for my hotel room, where I checked in, and zonked out, with lights and tv on n all.  Whew what a day of awesome sauce!

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