Friday, November 7, 2014

HaynMade hits up Cali (again)


I'm so long overdue for a vacation, and if you've been following my blog closely, you'll see when it was the last time I hit up California for some r n r.  Well, guess what, I took a week off for some much needed recharging and off to Cali I went.  

What makes this particular trip a special one is that for the first time ever I'm going to be checking out DCon, an annual predominantly urban vinyl event held annually in Pasadena.  For quite some time I've been wanting to check out this convention to meet some of my favorite artists and see their work up close and personal.  

The planets finally aligned for me to go.  With some friendly "pushing me along" by a couple of my fellow 808 collector buddies (shout out to Soljah52 n Lofa), my finances in check and reasonable airfare, I made the decision to go.

It was a pretty good flight, there was only me and this other dude sharing a 4-seater row, so yep, we both had quite an amount of space to move about and relax during our flight to California.  Our two in flight "meals" consisted of fresh fruit and then later a bag of Maui style potato chips.

I uploaded Maleficent and Transformers Age of Extinction on to my iPad.  Both were pretty good movies that took up just about the entire flight.

When I landed one of my Cali buddies picked me up and we headed over to Sushi Stop, one of my fav eateries right in Japan Town, yummerz...

After that whole ordeal of sushi madness, we headed on over jus' a couple of shops nearby to get some dessert.  OMG, there was every dessert sin to be served at BSweet.  From bread putting, to ice-cream sandwiches, to cookies to even their "sluttiest" brownie, there was sinful goodness to be eaten at this dessert bar eatery.  My friend and I got us their fresh Belgian waffle ala mode, complete with fudge, caramel AND maple syrup topping.  Hot damn, talk about food coma.

After our dinner adventure we had an immediate departure for my friend's crib and...crashed.  Another adventure awaits!

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