Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hangin' out with da boyz (again)...

So today,

I met up with a couple of collector buddies of mine, mainly to catch up on our latest happenings, being that the last time we met together was nearly 6 months ago, sheeeesh!  (It's mainly my bad though, with all of my happenings going on.)  But ya, we finally met up n talked story with some hella good food from 99 Ranch Market, a place here in the 808 with a food court and some lil shops.  My buddies got seafood chow mein and chicket katsu with meat jun, and I got me a Vietnamese mixed plate complete with lemon grass chicken, shrimp salad and a spring roll, mmm good stuff.

As usual the day was filled with jokes comin' from every angle, and we geeked out talkin' about the latest in our collections and 411 in the urban art world, good times, good times.  FRUITY PEBBLES! (Inside joke, lol.)

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