Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bday celebration day 5...

My sis gave me a ring,

And let me know that we'd be celebrating my niece's bday on nearly the other side of the island.  Being that my niece is one of my pride n joys I had to be there.  So the immediate fam bam (sis, fiancé, niece, brother, sis in law and nephew) headed on over to Kailua to Boots n Kimo's.  This particular restaurant is on the grid of many, and I agree it's a good place to have breakfast.  It also helps too that the staff there are very nice, they got it all organized to a science and the food is pretty good.

For breakfast I had the "pakalolo" omelet, complete with tomatoes, ham, mushrooms, onions and cheese, along with their fried rice and....

A waffle, with a side of their trademark macadamia nut sauce.  Now my brother, my sister's fiancé and I had a pretty lengthy convo about what we think is in this killer macadamia nut sauce.  We've come to a consensus that it's made up of melted vanilla ice cream with a little bit of condensed milk and vanilla, lol.  Whatever the hell is in it, it's goooooooood stuff....

Later that day I attended rehearsal for UH's half time show which will feature the 5210 initiative at this year's UH vs UMC football game.  5210 in a nutshell is a health initiative promoting 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, two hours of tv, 1 hour of exercise and 0 sugary drinks.  It's endorsed by a number of companies and famous people including Mrs. Obama, cool stuff huh.  Well here in the 808 a song was made, along with a video and even choreo by some of the 808's greatest talent to promote this initiative.

But ya, this past Saturday we had rehearsal for the half time show, which includes kids from dance troops,  different schools, and community organizations.  Oh and I forgot to mention that the choreo for this song was done from my good friend Mara Bacon Chang, the CEO of Street Jamz Werkout.

After rehearsal, the gang headed over (again) to Shinsho Tei's for some grub n the final celebration day of my bday.  Good times, good I love their friend noodles, haha.  Man, it was another evening of fun!  I had all of the gang sing at least one song...happy camper, lol.

You would think the madness would end there...wrongo!  After dinner n karaoke, a small trio of us continued our evening adventure for...dessert, hahahaha.  So Lililiha Bakery we went, and we put in our order for our personal favs: grilled butter rolls complete with Liliha Bakery jelly, hot fudge sundae, orange dream shake and a chocolate shake, HOT DAMN!

  So much mahalo to Mars, Kau'i, Jarjar and Soopamaria808 for the good times, karaoke action, grub up the ying yang and an evening of laughs, much aloha to all of you!

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