Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bday celebration day 1...

So one of my super good friends,

You may remember I'm the godfather of her kiddies, ya that friend, lol, gave me a ring to wish me a happy bday.  What's hilarious is that this is the first year in the 10+ years that I've known her that she remembered my birthday on the correct date, lol.  I don't ever take it personal because I'm hella bad with bdays.  So she, my godson and I went on over to Uncle Bo's.  This was my first time goin' there, but oh man, gooooooood stuff.

We started off with some pupu's, walnut shrimp, steamed clams, escargot and this cheesy bread with steak n mushrooms thingy, mmm, hot damn...

Then it was time for din din.  I got the SOS (soup or stew), of which it was HELLA DELISH, my friend got the strawberry salad and my godson got this pasta n chicken dish...

Then for dessert we got this brownie dessert compliments from the owner himself who came to my table to wish me happy bday and these taro baguettes, man it was so damn good, hahaha.

I arrived home n went straight to bed...zzz.

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