Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bday celebration day 3...

The bday festivities continued, lol,

This particular evening my lil gang went to the school I graduated from to donate our time for a Relay for Life event there for the American Cancer Society.

After our lil shindig, our gang went to a bar down the road and had us some grub in celebration of my bday.  A couple of friends who were supposed to meet us there ended up not makin' it because my friend's truck overheated.  But man, all I know is was that I had sooooooooo much fun.  It was the Hawaiian version of Cheers at Shinsho Tei.  Man, the food was super good!

Below are pics of the spring rolls and steak we ordered, and missing from below are the pork chops and friend noodles.  I guess that's how quick we ate it, lol...

Much thanks to my buddies "Jarjar" and "Soopamaria808"!

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