Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hittin' it off at San Francisco, part 1...

So a couple of months prior,

My good friend, the mother of my godkiddies invited me for yet another travel opportunity, this time for San Fran.  Unlike the past out of state adventures, this one is to check out the Ohio State vs. Cal Berkley football game, being that my friend's father is one of the coaches for the Buckeyes.  I've been invited to other football games, when my friend's dad coached for the Gators and what not, but I never jumped on the opportunity, mainly because of work, and partially  But a number of people convinced me that I was basically an idiot for not jumping at an opportunity like that, so I had a change of heart and a wanting to go n travel like that during the summer.

So here I was back at the airport to catch my flight...

I also took some "miniature effect" photos, pretty cool stuff...

Mmm, and you gotta love airplane food, good old teri chicken.  It was a pretty cool flight, I had my own row, and one of my classmates was one of the flight attendants, so it was nice to catch up on stuff...

Sooo, when I landed in San Fran, I got my luggage n what not, and then headed outside to catch a taxi to my hotel.  So I walk outside n this dude asks me, "You lookin' for a taxi?"  And I was like, "Ya man, I am."  

So he grabbed my suitcase and I followed behind him as he was walking to the parking lot.  Man, I was totally suspect out because one, I was expecting a taxi to stop n grab me right at curbside, but instead we had to walk to the parking lot.  And then two, when I saw the car, it WASN'T a yellow taxi cab, instead it was like this four door Cadillac.  In all honesty I got nervous, lol.  

So the guy grabbed my luggage and put it in the trunk of the car and then I sat in the back seat and then told him where I needed to go.  Well, I got even MORE nervous when I hopped in and noticed that there WASN'T a meter.  Holy shiznit, I was hella nervous.  To top it even more, as we went to exit the parking lot, and as my driver went to pay for his parking ticket, his friggen credit card wasn't accepted at the machine.  So the dude ended up reversing and paying one of the in person employees at the booth with cash.  

At this point I thought one of two things were gonna happen to me, one, the driver would take me to some dark alley n mug me or simply jus' cut me the hell up.  So I grabbed my atm card and my driver's license and tucked it in my shoe, lol, so that one, I could be identified if I was cut up and/or two, if I lived and was mugged, I could grab me some cash and still get around.

Long story short, the driver took me to where I needed to go, lol, but wheeeeeeew.

That alone was quite an adventure, so I checked in, ordered me a pizza and called it a night.

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