Saturday, September 21, 2013

Checkin' out "I Wish" with my buddy and cast from Ohi'a Productions...

So today,

A couple of my good friends and I went to see "I Wish," a children's play put on by 'Ohi'a Productions.  Without giving away too much of what it's about, it's a cast of three play about three different stories from around the world (China, Hungary and India) on making wishes.  In true 'Ohi'a Productions form, although "I Wish" is a children's play, if you listen real carefully, there's some very sly adult humor thrown into the mix.  That's the writing mastery of the late Lisa Matsumoto.  If you got kids or if you're a big kid yourself like I am, you hafta check "I Wish" out.

Man, my friend had me crackin' up with the different characters he portrayed.  I busted out my camera and took a bunch of pics.  (Yup another rare opportunity of me sharing faces in my blog, but I did it for my good buddy.)

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