Sunday, January 29, 2012

My goodies from Scribe, Alisa n Lightsleepers...

Here's all of the goodies I scored,

From Scribe, Alisa and Lightsleepers, much thanks to everyone.

From left to right, and from front row to back row...
1) Scribe canvas
2) Alisa canvas
3) Doodled Munny figure by Scribe
4) Doodled Munny figure by Alisa
5) Mini print by Scribe
6) Mini print by Alisa
7) Scribe Rumpus shirt
8) Scribe Dishwasher shirt
9) Scribe #1 of 2 signed n embellished print
10) Scribe #1 of 4 signed n embellished print
11) Scribe n Alisa flyer
12) Scribe Dishwasher print

Much mahalo!

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