Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A huge thank you to everyone...


The past several days have been awesome.  The 808 was blessed to have a talented duo return here for a 2nd time to share their talents with a healthy following of Ross fans and have even brought in new fanatics into the circle.

Beyond the endless events and and the purchases I made, I think my most valued item would have to be the memory of it all and having the opportunity to have some awesome convo with Scribe and Alisa.

To me I think it was an awesome reciprocal sharing of talking about pretty much everything under the sun, from art, to religion, to career pathways, family, values, and my list can go on and on.  I was sucked into Scribe's vision of where his gift of art has come from and how it has carved out his life pathway.

Alisa was a total rockstar and was willing to try new things with an open lense.  The first time she came to Hawaii was the first time she ever hit up a fig and this 2nd time around was the first time she ever slapped up a canvas (there's a whole story to that too, but there's those stories that are meant to be untold), and on the real, I'm super honored to have that inaugural opportunity.

I'll cross my fingers for another time!

Back in the 808, I gotta thank Lofa from Lightsleepers, who was a HUGE contributor of bringing Scribe n Alisa to Hawaii, much mahalo man.  Behind the scenes, the guy worked super hard to make it all happen, awesome job man.

There are a number of other people who also jumped in to assist as needed, 808urban, Prototype, In4mation, etc. you guys all rock.

I also wanted to send some 808 aloha to Honolulu Pulse, Vinyl Pulse, Kidrobot, Spanky Stokes, Opportunity LOL, Toysrevil, Plastic and Plush, Urban Vinyl Daily, Tomopop and Marine for all of the awesome coverage, I really really appreciate it.

And last but fo shizzle not the least, hey Zonrboy, here's another one to put in our books for the dynamic duo, haha, can't wait for the next adventure buddy!

p.s.  Hey Scribe, here's one for you, hahahahaha...

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