Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monsterous shave ice...

If you're a frequenter here in the 808,

You'll know that shave ice is part of the local culture here.  It's a nice cool refreshing treat made out of time primary simple ingredients, fine shaven ice and flavored syrup(s).  Today I went with a couple of my buddies to Shimazu Store, one of O'ahu's hidden tucked away secrets who's infamous for their large portions of cool goodness. 

These guys have a whooooooooole lot of flavors, from your more traditional flavors like strawberry, grape, vanilla to more innovative flavors like red velvet, cheesecake, and orange dreamsicle, just to name a few.  Along with the flavored syrups, there's also other goodies that you can add to your shave ice, like ice cream, mochi balls, azuki beans and condensed milk, mmmm good stuff.

But check out the pic below, this is a size large, there's and extra large one as well, makes you wonder how huge that bad boy must be.

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