Monday, January 30, 2012

An awesome day with some awesome friends...

So I got the call,

From my partner in crime Zonrboy to confirm our day of adventure with Scribe n Alisa.  So we all booked it on over to Mariner's Ridge for some hiking action, which was super awesome.  The weather was nice, where we were blessed with light rainfall and then a nice cool breeze throughout the entire hike.  I took on the duty of staying at the back of the hiking troop to make sure everyone was okay...err, more like take my time n catch my breath during the hike, hahaha.

But man, I can't emphasize how cool Scribe n Alisa are, they are super down to earth people, it's almost as though we've all been friends forever, where the gang would carry conversations about practically anything and everything inside and outside of the art world.  We all dropped jokes and crack up and then in the next moment take on some more serious convo topics.

After the hike was over, we all headed over to get some gurb n feed our appetites at a ramen restaurant called Otteko Ya...good stuff.

And after that was said n done, we went n got some dessert, which consisted of asahi bowls for most, and a smoothie for one (me), lol.

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