Saturday, January 7, 2012

Good times with SJW...


Today was an awesome one.  I headed on out with a good friend of mine to attend a fundraiser for a local Hawaiian language speaking school, good times.  For a mere $10, we got a good workout dancin' to some Zumba stuff, but my personal highlight was jammin' to Street Jamz Werkout, which is more of a hip hop workout, complete with mixes and songs from today, the 90's, 80's n 70's.  As we jammed the routines, it was hella fun feedin' of the positive vibes of everyone, yee haw!

After that was said n done, we went to get some grub.  You all know where I'm goin' with this right?  Killer workout, and then killer munch sesh?!  Haha, oh well.  But we headed on over to Kin Wah for some killer chinese food, we're talking sweet n sour shrimp with chicken with black bean sauce n snow peas, with 2 servings of white rice and tea...whew.

And below is the aftermath of it all, haha, uh ya, we were kinda hungry...

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