Saturday, September 17, 2011

On the Big Isle part 2...

So came Saturday,

My friend, her daughter and I went to hit Downtown Hilo, something I haven't done in ages to check it all out.  First on the, haha.  I had me a kalbi plate at Pa'ina's which was hella good and I sampled my friend's seared ahi, which was jus' as delish.  At Pa'ina's there's a mural, so I went ahead and snapped this pic.

After that, we went and explored Downtown Hilo.  I was drawn to this one store Sugar Coast Candy.  Man, they way they had it set up inside was hella cool, with lots of vivid colors from the candies and what not, we're talking major visual stimulation along with the sweet smells of confections of every sort, hot diggity.  But I had to bust out my camera and snap away.

Then we went on over to a mini ocean conservation museum nearby, and I snapped this, see the fishy in the background?

After that was over, we headed on over to an art gallery, and I snapped this pic of my fig with a glass sculpture of a wave.

And after that was all done, we headed home.  My friend and her daughter went to a baby shower and I stayed back and crashed out.

And the adventure doesn't end there...

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