Monday, September 5, 2011

At the game show we go...

At the game show we go,

And that was hella cool to start my Saturday adventure by attending this.  My friend's son was selected to be on the "Quiz Bowl" team for his all Hawaiian Immersion speaking school so his mom asked if I could make it, being that she had a meeting to go to and her husband was still at work.  So being the cool dude that I am, I went to check things out.

I must say it was pretty cool.  It was hella cool that one, my friend's son was selected to be a part of a team of academic greats, I know in my hay day I didn't meet the qualifications, lol, oh well but that's another story.  I also didn't realize that the "Quiz Bowls" has changed over time, lol.  From questions being pulled from a glass bowl, the game show "Play Smart Hawai'i" is all in the electronic area, where the questions were all posted on Smart boards, kinda like Jeopardy. 

To my surprise, I also knew who the game show host was, who did an awesome job of hosting the show, and in between taping, he'd made sure everyone was comfortable by joking around and talking story with everyone.

The sponsors and planners did a good job though of hosting the contestants.  In the green room separate from where the taping took place, they had food, snacks and drinks.  Also in the "green" room  they had my dream home theater system, with a huge movie screen and speakers...drool.  When the game show was over, all of the contestants were given a prize bag which had a whole bunch of stuff in it, super cool.  In the end, my friend's son's team did a great job, but they were unable to take the win.  I was still proud of the guy, because they did give the other school some competition.  But it was a very cool thing to check out indeed.

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