Friday, July 22, 2011

The votes are in and...

What's up Everyone,

Many of you remember my earlier post about my collection being nominated for "Best Collection" for the Designer Toy Awards.  The votes are in and...I didn't win, lol.  Congrats to Mutonisyourfriend for the win.  

It's all good though, on the real, I was SUPER humbled and honored to be nominated for this inaugural event.  Rest assure, the collecting won't stop anytime soon, lol.  Thanks to all of you who voted for me, I really appreciate the support and all of the kind words.  And the Pete Fowler award looked so SICK!

Congrats to all of the category winners!

Below are all of the official winners:

Fan Favorite
 Blankie: Series 1
Soopa Marias by Erick Scarecrow
Tuttz New Year Edition by Eric Nocella
Diaz / Argonaut Resins
Winner : Android by Andrew Bell

Best Plush Design
Cavey by Holly Stanway
Pecan Pals
Sir Artichoke by Lana Crooks
Thanks, Grandma by Amanda L Spayd
Winner : Plunk and Pop Lion by Anna Chambers

Best Online Toy Store
Tenacious Toys
Winner : Rotofugi

Best Collaboration
Google x Andrew Bell - Android
Itokin Park x Amanda Visell, Bed Monster
Kaws x Sorayama Campanion
The Hundreds x Garfield
Winner : Ferg x Brandt Peters - Trouble Boys

Best Collection
Gino Joukar
Kinohi aka “HaynMade”
Sara Harvey and Jason Foster
Toybreak’s George and Ayleen Gaspar
Winner : Carl Aka “Mutonisyourfriend”

Best Customizer
Chris Ryniak
Jason Freeny
The Beast Brothers
Walter Jacott aka Chauskokis
Winner : Doktor A

Best Blog
Kaiju Chronicle
Spanky Stokes
The Blot Says
Vinyl Pulse
Winner : Toysrevil

Best Licensed Product
Android by Andrew Bell
James Jarvis - Hello Kitty
Manny Pacquiao by Mindstyle
Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket by Kaws
Winner : Super Shogun Stormtrooper by Super 7

Best DIY Platform
CE: Creative Enhancement
Omi by Munky King
Qee by Toy2r
Winner : Mini Munny by Kidrobot

Best Self Produced
Boss Carrion by Paul Kaiju
CAMO jumping Brain
Moon Fox by Sergey Safonov
Shawnimals, Ninja of the Month
Winner : Hermees by Gary Ham

Best Toy from a Comic
Skull Bunnies
Stitch as Deady by Voltaire and Mindstyle
Tomorrow Queen by Ashley Wood
Zombie Chuck by Brian Fyffe
Winner : Kill Audio by Vinyl Cut

Best Mini Series
Elements Alpha
Jibibuts Wooden Minifigures
Mechtorians by Doktor A
Resound Field Guide
Winner : Tic Toc Apocalypse by Amanda Visell

Manufacturer of the Year
Circus Posterus
The Loyal Subjects
Winner : Three A

Best Toy Store
Freak Store
Munky King
Super 7
Winner : Rotofugi

Break Through Artist
Angry Woebots
L’Amour Supreme
Sergey Safonov
Winner :  Jason Freeny

Most Influential Event
CE Design Contest
Designer Con
I love Munny
The Vader Project
Winner : San Diego Comic Con

Best Functional Toy
Incubot’s Voltron USB Drive
Marka 27’s Minigods
Maywa Denki’s Otamatone
Tokidoki Frenzies
Winner : Mimobot by Mimoco

Outstanding Production
Dievas Dunny by Nathan Jurevicius and Kidrobot
Frank Kozik Ultraviolence
Super 7 Jumbo Stormtrooper
Toy Tokyo x Secret Base x Ron English X-Ray
McSupersized Figure
Winner : False Friends (In Pain Edition) by Coarse Toys

Best 1/6th Scale
3A popbot Tomorrow King
Crazymichael by Michael Lau
Fighting JC by Ashley Wood
Hot Toys War Machine
Winner : Playge Rat by Ferg

Lifetime Achievement
Dov Kelemer
Frank Kozik
Israel “Lev” Levarek
Jim Crawford
Winner : Michael Lau

Artist of the Year
Chris Ryniak
Paul Kaiju
Scott Tolleson
Winner : Ashley Wood

Toy of the year
3A Toys Popbot figure
Caleb by James Jarvis
Jaws by Coarsetoys
O-No Sushi by Andrew Bell
Winner : Kaws 4ft Companion

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