Thursday, July 28, 2011

Part 3: Huge graff collab hits Honolulu Community College...

What I failed to realize,

Is that Estria has a bigger vision than the intensity and size of the Hawai'i mural that he, Prime and other other artists did recently.  I did a little homework and read up via Estria's site and foundation regarding this huge undertaking, unreal.

Water Writes as Estria calls it, is a mural series across 10 cities at different corners of the world.  The intent of this huge project is to bring together, youth, artists, organizers, and environmental activists to depict the relationship that people have with the water/ocean in each of these 10 cities.  Below is a list of the 10 cities Estria plans on hitting up:

Los Angeles, California – KIPP LA Prep Middle School in Boyle Heights 
Oakland, California – Broadway @ 21st Street in Downtown
Honolulu, Hawaii – Kalihi Community 
Gaza Strip, Palestine – Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance Water Filtration Centers 
Palawan, Philippines – Palawan University 
San Salvador, El Salvador 
Windowrock, Arizona – With members of the Hopi and Dine tribes
Bogota, Colombia 
Arcata, California

Estria also writes, 

"Through this process of painting with some of the communities most impacted by water rights issues, the Estria Foundation hopes to utilize our artistic techniques to assist ongoing grassroots struggles, create a global platform to raise awareness and inspire a movement."

How unreal is that.  I have mad respect for the guy for sharing his artistic gifts, educational vision and global awareness with communities within the 808 and beyond.

For more 411 on Estria's Foundation and money donations, hit up his site at


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