Monday, December 27, 2010

What started it all...

Many ask,

What started it all to my collection?  Well, it all started some 20 years ago back in my high school years.  During math especially, I spent many of lectures drawing in my notebook.  I drew all kinds of stuff, Tiny Tunes, Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, and the list goes on and on.  But one of my most favorite things to draw was this character called the Raggamuffin, which was created by Stussy.  I liked this character, because he didn't have a face and was simple in design, which I thought was hella cool.

Well, one day, as I was cruisin the malls, something caught my eye in one of the store displays.  There he was, Stussy's Raggamuffin figures in 3D form!  I was so stoked, I just had to have my hands on 'em.  I asked the salesperson how much he was and he responded "Sorry, he's not for sale, he's for display use only."  Man, I was super bummed.

Years later to nearly present day, what I hadn't realized was that there was this huge urban vinyl scene going on.  A few companies (at the time) were producing vinyl figures.  Also at the time, there were only two stores in Hawaii that were getting into the scene as well.  I stumbled upon these two stores nearly by accident, or as I think about it, divine intervention.

I quickly got absorbed into the scene super quick, starting off with small blind boxed figs and then moving on to bigger ones.  I also learned about the "culture" behind urban vinal collecting, that it's a must to meet and network with people.  To me, that's my most biggest joy, because I wouldn't nearly have the figures I have now if it wasn't for the many friends I've made throughout the past few years.  So as much as possible, I try and help people out, because it always comes back to you.

But there was a bunch of figs I always wanted in my collection, Stussy's Raggamuffins.  It took me FOREVER to find the ones I have in my collection, but I had to have them, because of the memories I had way back when.  Piece by piece, I was able to secure a bunch of 'em.

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