Monday, December 13, 2010

A night with the 'ohana...

So last night was a night with the 'ohana,

Cuz you know it's all about family, so we all meet up every now and then to get together and share laughs and food.  Whenever we go to my mom's for special occasions, the Martha Stewart in her comes out and she'll do the full sha-bang, table settings and all.  That night we full on chowed down on some Korean food and I brought cookies and milk from Cookie Corner.  If you've never had a cookie from Cookie Corner, you're missing out.  In true tradition, when we get together there's a game or two to be played.  So last night we played the Disney version of Scene It and Scrabble.  I totally got booty wooped by my mom, who placed first, my twelve year old niece, who placed second, followed by my sister.  Haha, and usually Scrabble is my game, what's up with that, lol.

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