Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So what's up with the cap icon HaynMade?

You may ask,

So what's up with the cap icon HaynMade?  Cuz you see it everywhere, on 808orbit, on the Kidrobot forum, on Twitter, etc.  Well, I like it for different reasons.  For those of you who don't know, it's a special edition New Era cap, which were designed by two very good friends of mine.  This father and son team own a Hawaiian clothing (and accessories too) company called Sig Zane, named after the owner himself, Sig.

His son Kuha'o took it to the next level in reaching out to a younger audience and created this sick cap.  Along with this cap, Kuha'o did shirts, converse shoes and shirts, and followed up with other colorways and designs, which were hella popular when it came out.  Both Sig and Kuha'o are a powerhouse team in Hawaiian fashion.  Their Hawaiian wear is of awesome quality, and waaaaaaay above those tacky aloha shirts you see in Waikiki.  I really like wearing their shirts cuz they're comfortable and stylish.  Locals here know when someone's wearing a Sig.  The quality and comfort of these killer wearables are definitely worth the price in my opinion.

The thing that I really like about Sig Zane's clothing is that there's a story behind all of their designs, and I have an appreciation for people who have depth and stories behind their work.  The design in the cap icon I have is their 'ulu or breadfruit design.  In Hawaiian context, 'ulu represents growth and for many Hawaiian quilters like my grandmother will often use the 'ulu as their first design, because it represents that other works will "continue to grow" thereafter.  'Ulu also represents strength, the sap was used to glue canoe hulls, the leaves for sandpaper, the wood for poi boards and surfboards.  I'm sure that's what Kuha'o had in mind when he first chose this design as well.

So for me, the Sig Zane new era cap icon represents that growth for myself, personally and professionally.  Like the 'ulu, growth happens when you take care of yourself and help others along the way, and that's what I try and do in my everyday life.  Every now and then you get those peopz, that take advantage of you or envy what you do, but that's okay, like the 'ulu it's about staying strong and continuing to grow.  It also represents that you can survive and enjoy these urban times, while still keepin' it true to your roots and your cultural foundations.  Okay, damn, that was deep, take a breath now, haha.

But if you want to check out Sig Zane's killer fashion, check out their site at www.sigzane.com.

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