Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hangin' out with da boyz...Part 1

Today it was grand,

Having the opportunity meeting up with a collectors here from the 808.  We all met up at "my buddy's" crib and I had them bring some of their family jewels...err personal collection figs and I snapped away at 'em.  Gotta love it when the boys get together, we crazy folk!

(Name that movie, lol...along with the killer figs in the photo, "the boys" get a killer laugh outta this photo, puahahahahaha!)

And you know it's all about the food, damn, lookin' at the pic my mouth waters for all of this goodness we had.  To the left, good ole HaynMade brought a sushi platter, courtesy of Waipuna Sushi.  Here's their website if you ever wanna check 'em out:  I particularly like their spicy ahi tobiko mayo nigiri and their "Brandon maki" which is spicy ahi tobiko mayo nigiri on a shrimp tempura maki, whew, it's good stuff.  "Our host" hooked us up with burgers that he slammed together, oh man, it was soooo good.  If I remember correctly his meat, err...the patty was from Whole Foods.  The chicken to the right was from Dirty Lickens', which was brought by our "3rd collector friend" aww man, this was the first time I tried their food, whew, gooooood stuff, I nearly choked on his was good lol.  If you wanna check these guys out, click here.

The first stuff I started snapping away at was at our "Host's" collection.  The guy is pretty beast when it comes to collecting as a whole, but is monster when it comes to 3A.  Heres some pics of his goods, err...his 3A figs.

There's more to photos to come, so be sure to stay tuned!

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