Thursday, December 6, 2012

Science project with the godson...

So I got the call from my 12 year old godson,

Who asked if good ole Uncle HaynMade would be able to help him out with his science project on the solar system.  Being the creative-minded, artsy fartsy, go against the grain kind of person I am, I stepped to the plate and took advantage of this awesome opportunity.  Along with all of that good stuff, I pretty much bend over backwards for my godson (along with the other children I look after).

I had to think super hard to how I wanted him to go about displaying the solar system, and I didn't wanna do the  common "solar system mobile" or the "solar system box scene" thing.  So I had my godson's mom get a basic set of blank styrofoam solar system planets and a set of Kidrobot figs to hold all of the planets.  I then brought my big box of "tricks" complete with paint, brushes, glue guns, spray glitter, etc., etc.

I guided my godson on how to paint the planets, based upon pics he looked up on the internet and had him sort the planets in order.  I gotta say, it looks pretty damn good, and when he took his project to school, my godson's teacher said "Very, very creative!"  Haha, you know how I roll, creativity is the only way...

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