Monday, February 18, 2013

Some of the Pow Wow goodness...


It's been seriously 2 months since I've posted anything on here?  Man, I need to get a life, lol.  Anyhow, last week was one awesome one with Pow Wow.  For those of you who don't know what Pow Wow is, it's become a yearly event here in the 808 where artists from Hawai'i and beyond fly on in and hit up Kaka'ako with their work on a number of the buildings there.

Along with the art, this year, there was a lil push with the fig world, thanks to a bunch of folks from Lightsleepers, Silent Stage, Cardboard Spaceship, etc. etc. A few figures were sold by some of the greats like Scribe and Alisa Ross, Angry Woebots and Yoskay Yamamoto, to name a few.  Below are a couple (of the many) goodies I got from Pow Wow from Scribe and Woes.

The shark bee, was done as a special Hawai'i release for Pow Wow, man, I had to bring my camera out and snap some pics, which came out (in my opinion) stunning.  Woes' dunny wasn't a special release for Pow Wow, I brought it along with me for Woes to hit up and what he did was amazing, unreal what a splash of gold can do.

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