Monday, November 19, 2012

Goodbye Marcia...

To Marcia (my GE microwave oven)...

You've given me 20 great years of your life, and I'm afraid to say it's time for me to move on. Sure I was also seeing Tina (my Magnivox television) on the side, but hey, I'm human and in all honesty, you cooked food way better than she ever will, I was in it with Tina purely for the visual aspect of things. 

Marcia, you've been there during my college years, and in my poorest of poorest days you were there for me to heat up my Cup o Noodles, and like that reheated cup of frozen fried ramen, you too warmed my soul. You were the highlight of the party poppin' up my popcorn just right when I had the buddies over to watch a game or flick at my crib. 

In those savory moments, you also warmed up my fudge and got it oh so hot and you've reinvigorated life back into my cold pizza. You were also there for my niece and my nephew, readily available to warm up their baby bottles and baby food so that I could feed them, I thought after you've done that for me, you were a keeper for life, but I was wrong.

I don't know, things just haven't been the same lately. You know longer ring at me like you used to, you no longer cook food the way you do, in fact now you tend to overcook it when all I want is for it to be warmed up. Your face is now faded and you're so hard hard to read you these days, let alone be able to tell what time it is on your clock.

It's time to let you go, ya, I know, I'm wronging you, now that I have Melody (my Emerson microwave oven) in my life. But it's time to move on. Sure she has more bling to her, and ya she's even more sophisticated and has more features, please don't get me wrong, I've always appreciated you for your simplicity. But there's something about Melody that I've been more attracted to, the way she warms my food... my soul.

You'll always be a part of my heart, and most importantly, my stomach.

Thank you for 20 great years Marcia

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