Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Presidential Day...

This morning I woke up,

Enthused about the presidential day that I was going to be having with a bunch of my buddies, and boy was it much gotta love divine intervention.  But anywho, we all headed on out to my neck of the woods to the west side of O'ahu to attend the celebration of Ka Waihona o ka Na'auao Charter School's 10th year anniversary, try saying that one 10 times fast, lol. 

Ka Waihona o ka Na'auao is a school based out in Nanakuli, where part of my family is from, and it overlooks the beautiful Pacific Ocean, which is literally just feet away from the school, you can't ask for anything better, aside from the awesome staff and students there.

The school is run under the fearless leadership of a good friend and graduate college friend of mine, Mr. Alvin Parker, the principal of Ka Waihona o Ka Na'auao.  Some ten years ago, Alvin invited my over to his place to get my opinion about what I thought about him wanting to open a charter school out on the west side.  He asked me, "Brother, do you think it's a doable thing for me to open a charter school out here?  Or am I jus' crazy?"  And I kindly responded, "Yes, you're crazy, and yes it's very doable."  And look at where the school is now, where students are on a waiting list to get the opportunity to attend.  I gotta give it to the guy, he has great vision, and high expectations, and the man is well respected in our community.

So there we were at the school campus for their 10th year anniversary celebration.  The festivity included super great weather, with nice sunny skies, a few minutes of morning's blessings with light rain and an awesome cool breeze.  Staff spoke about Ka Waihona o Ka Na'auao School and the entertainment filled the air with hula, Hawaiian and contemporary music, gotta love it.  There was also Hawaiian food for all of the guests, and get this, we were served by the students, and truly treated with Hawaiian style hospitality, where the food was brought to us...unreal.  The food was super good and the highlight of the meal was dessert, which was this killer rainbow cake with this frozen upside down pineapple action goin on with, this guava layer and this frozen custard layer...friggen unreal we're talking peopz.

After the killer meal we went over to my friend's classroom, she teaches music there.  As we walked to her room, you can't help but awe at the school's awesome campus which overlooks the ocean and around nearly every corner, there's art of the school's walls to be admired.

Awesome, awesome, awesome.  So after that adventure was said n done, we all booked it into town, and then had us some killer sushi for dinner and then a night at the movies.  Man, what a killer day!  It was a day of awesome food, awesome entertainment, and awesome company and laugh sessions, what a presidential day it was indeed.  Werd...

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  1. Aloha & mahalo for the kind words about our kula and our celebration. We have a great team on board who are ready to pounce on our initiatives as well as on crazy large events as our 10th anniversary luau. I remember when u met with us to get things started 10 years ago. And I still hold ur oli kahea & oli komo close to my puuwai as it marked our first year together as Ka Waihona o Ka Na'auao. here's to the next ten. Aloha, Moana