Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's about time...

It's about time,

That I finally get around to things and do a lil blog on a good friend of mine, NinjaSkills.  Ninja, has been a longtime buddy, while he was living here in the 808, and we've become good friends as collectors.  I totally remember the first time I met the guy, it was at the old Urbanz Toys, as I was standing in line waiting for a figure release.

Ninja came up to me n was all "Is this the line?"
And I was all, "Yup man, sure is."
And he was all "Daaammn...sup man, I'm Ninjaskills." and we shook hands.
"Sup man, I'm Haynmade."
"Holy s*it, you're that collector guy aren't you?!"
I cracked up and I was all "Ya man, that's me."

It was history from then on.  We've become good friends ever since.  We often helped each other out in finding deals and Ninja helped me acquire a whooooole buncha figs in my collection.  At the time when we were first in the collection game, Ninja had one of the most craziest Amanda Visell collections out there...

He was also known for his crazy army of Joe Ledbetter Teeter figs, gotta love it...

Whenever we'd meet up, we would talk forever about figs, figs, figs, and boy was it hella fun.  We'd talk about the latest releases and what not.  And then one day, Ninja cashed in nearly his entire collection to go traveling to pursue a "personal interest" and then a new career opportunity in Boston.  So for a lil while, I haven't heard from the guy, but all the while, I knew the dude was okay.

Ninja has since been keeping me posted, and is back in the collecting game, and boy am I stoked.  He now has one of the most sickest MadL collections, 99% of 'em all customized by some of the world's best urban artists.  Check out some of his figs below, and you'll see how monster Ninja is...

See, I wasn't kidding, lol.  But to a good friend with a killer collection, here's to you Ninjaskills!

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